The after math of the bitcoin third halving came not only with the usual bull run but with also unusual crypto adoption that had not been experienced in the space. The strong presence of corporate bodies and institution rooting for bitcoin was the climax of it all. It was in the midst of this euphoria that Michael Saylor (A bitcoin investor and maximalist), Elon Musk (the Dogecoin backer), Nayib Bukele (the President of El Salvador – the first to make crypto a legal tender) and other corporate personalities became a crypto household name. Also, many countries including Uganda opened up to crypto following the strong footprint of Binance exchange within their shores. To take the Uganda’s crypto experience deeper into the grass root with the sole aim to gain high user experience and crypto adoption, the Digital Money (DM) was launched.

Digital Money is masterminded by a UK based serial investor, Martin Orena. Digital Money is propelled by Digital Money Limited; a premier indigenous crypto outfit located at the heart of the city of Kampala, Uganda. Digital Money Limited operates an OTC market cum a mini crypto exchange. The emergence of Digital Money has further separated Uganda from her many African counterparts where Governments still hold strong to traditional fiat systems and frown that crypto may go mainstream and disrupt the status quo. Digital Money Limited presence in Uganda will further broaden the awareness and acceptance of the crypto space with the confidence and assurance indigenous companies like it spurs on locals especially crypto newbies.

It may interest you to know some of the unique features that stands Digital Money Limited out and the uncommon benefits she brings to the table of Uganda’s crypto space and beyond. Strong physical presence, Open OTC (Over the Counter) operations and the use of local fiat currencies for exchange are the exceptions that endeared Digital money to the teeming African populace embracing crypto mostly for the first time.

Strong physical presence

Besides having some strong online presence, Digital Money Limited has also a strong physical presence by way of a physical contact point directly with the customers. This exposure increases in no little way the customer’s confidence as more unusual responsibility is taken by the Digital money Limited to be answerable to her operations. It is no longer the usual 100% online service provision where the crypto service provider hides behind the online veil to give excuses for poor services or other responsibilities due to her as a platform. The Digital Money Limited office at Plot 13B Kampala Road Parliamentary Avenue, is a good reach out point to customers (Over 45 million Ugandans).

Open OTC operations

Usually, crypto OTC market is done in confidence, within a closed market system or in a clique of traders who play the middle man role to buyers and sellers. This is in a bid to protect the interest of the group from government moles and the various punitive policies meted out by Government and her agencies to the crypto merchants. Traditional OTC implores all forms of procedure to beat these government punitive measures and remain in business especially in many non-crypto friendly countries. This is not the case with Digital Money Limited that operates an open OTC market to the public and with an evolving crypto exchange in the making. Digital Money Limited operates a full blown legalized crypto OTC market.

The use of local fiat currencies for exchange

Do you know that feeling of inclusiveness? I mean seeing you own local currencies got listed as bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos pairs. Yes, that is it. Also, the ability to measure and quantify any of the cryptos with your currency, better still, using your local currency to buy them. This is exactly what Digital Money has brought and done for Ugandans. The Ugandan’s Shillings can be traded or exchanged for bitcoin and other cryptos. This transaction can be done from individual bank accounts and vice versa. Other fiat system cum crypto trade for Swahili's speaking countries are being added as well with time.

Digital Money is gradually launching in phases and you can check some of their online presence for more information.

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