Bitclout is simply a decentralization of the social space with benefits like never before. It is a mimic of the Twitter social media platform with the addition of crypto for users' participation and benefits. Bitclout is yet again the fair competitive playing field for all like for the first time ever. It is also a platform to test and confirm the popularity of the already established influencer and a rare opportunity given to the regular Joe on the street to make a mark. Some call it the stock market for people while many think it is a new way to monetize a following.

BitClout really puts into perspective how valuable your data and social content have been all along. Better still,  it is more about inclusion and taking back ownership -EQUITY of a unique kind. The EQUITY feature here projects collective contribution, ownership, and benefits.

The mathematical summation of Bitclout could be presented thus:

Bitclout > Any social media platform or all of them put together (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)

Because in actual sense;

Bitclout = social media + crypto + ......

How does it work?

It is a new normal that frowns on users doing all the work while the social media big shots make all the money. With bitclout, It is no longer the norm to create all the contents and values with users' efforts and time, only the user to make do with just the social value while being excluded completely from the financial value the social media provides. Bitclout makes sure that the user’s popularity is compensated for the purchase of more of the user creator's coin as the user's content goes viral. Also, people speculate on any desirable user’s future popularity to make money. The bitclout structure presents all users' profiles with their unique coin that participants can freely buy with a ratio of 10% to the creator and 90% to the platform. Besides, user’s clout or influence is another GAME CHANGER on the Bitclout’s platform which endear users to following and purchasing of creator's coin. User’s content and influence is another factor to earning. The good thing here is that both the creator’s coin and that of Bitclout are monitored and backed up with bitcoin.

No worries if you cannot exchange bitclout for fiat or other cryptos now. The same was the case of bitcoin in its earlier days. Better still, almost all crypto-related projects in their early stage of private sales or ICO went through a similar process. Hopeful that bitclout will be listed shortly in exchanges. Come to think of it some major Venture capitalists like Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Social Capital, TQ Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Arrington Capital, Polychain, Pantera, Digital Currency Group, Huobi, Variant, and others are already behind it. Although the founders will want to remain pseudonymous for now and most prominent of these founders is @diamondhands

Procedure to get registered

STEP 1:  Use the link below for registration…

STEP 2: Send some BTC to buy bitclout

STEP 3:  Just a compliment, use this link to get frednna coin:

There is no need to sleep on this, the earlier one apes in the better. Do the needful and thank me later!


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Crypto and fintect opportunities

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