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ARBDOGEAI: The Emerging Unicorn in the Memecoin Space


There is no doubt that ArbdogeAI with the ticker $Aidoge is the rave of the moment in the memecoin space with a unique 100% of tokens belonging to the community. It is a true reflection of community driven project earlier aimed to be an experiment in the newly launched arbitrum layer 2 blockchain. The spate of activities and the swift delivery of road map by devs continue to make ArbdogeAI the community and investor’s delight as the days go by. Many already believed that ArbdogeAI will not only repeat the feat of the Shiba inu in the last bull run but also surpass it with the strong implementation of the her genius backed tokenomics.

The chain of excitements continues with the recent introduced $aicode token and the earlier existing $aidoge token. It  is all the more a win-win situation for holders and investors of ArbdogeAI. The connection between both revolve in the burning cycle that metamorphosis from  $aidoge to $aicode and staking $aicode to earn $arb as reward. The scarcity created by burning $aidoge is further sustained by the limited total supply of $aicode that stands at 21,000,000 only. Bessides, one can still stake $aidoge to get more of $aidoge.

There are yet other products on the way yet to be unraveled and aimed at stabilizing and making the community top notch. The Aifi, NFT in partnership with blue chip NFT community, metaverse, DAO and host of others. It is a matter of time no doubt $Aidoge and $Aicode will explode. Currently sitting at about $60M cap, it has more room to go north. The truth is that you are not yet late to the party because we are going to party real hard with ArbdogeAI.

Currently there are several promotions and event meant to exhaust and distribute the unclaimed $aidoge to the community via engaging in some tasks to get some Galxe /ArbDogeAI OATs.

NEO the owner of this project has opened the door to make every member a NEO. Now Every “NEO”as each community member of ArbdogeAI is referred to has been positively impacted to the point that of none is willing to go back to their old life. The ArbdogeAI is one of a kind opportunity in the Crypto space never witnessed before now.

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Crypto and fintect opportunities

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