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The majority of people whom use any search engine only use google or their partner companies. Over 75% of the top websites have google trackers in one way or another on them. For a sense of how massive that is the second in largest is facebook at 25%. Duckduckgo is a search engine that does not track its users. Not only that their browser extensions and apps block these data trackers when properly used. Proper usage means using them without google products involved such as google chrome or facebook app Gboard ect. The purpose of this article is to outline exactly how intrusive google is and what steps can be taken to help prevent data collection.



These are just basic steps to help the understanding of how to begin the process of securing ones data from data brokers. Nothing is foolproof from (kls) key logging software microphone access. To your (isp) internet service provider all these are potential risks to privacy. I cant cover everything in one article this is the second installment in a series of privacy focused articles. Focused on services that are available that take the place of google products when possible. Brave browser will be referenced here covered in the first installment witch can be found here.



Many believe that privacy when browsing is meant for those who are hiding something. This is not true do you want security for finances or even just simplistic respect for medical information. Any and all things google products are used for such as web md searches or entering credit cards online via androids with google keyboard are recorded. This is not only a invasion of privacy but a potential security risk as well. This invasive practice is due to the fact that google isn't a search engine its a data collection company.


Comparatively duckduckgo has not built their advertising on invasion of privacy. They make money by advertising however they don't track you because it is unnecessary. If the search is for a car they simply include car ads. Google could do this as well they just choose not to. Each time you search in duckduckgo its just like the first time you used their service. They simply do not store ones search history this results in a unbiased search result. If the region your searching from is restrictive on the results. Duckduckgo also offers an ability to change the search to a different location.


  • Fair pricing: a lesser known practice of google is they allow advertisers to charge different prices based on your personal info.

  • Unbiased: Google tends to filter results based on the companies google owns or is partners with.

  • Reducing echo chambers: Filtered results usually give you results you already agree with increasing the polarization of society.

  • More involved: Duckduckgo reads most feedback they tend to respond on social media, if you try something similar with google you likely wont get a response.

  • Search sites specifically: A built i feature called bangs enables you to search sites specifically skipping duckduckgo results entirely if desired.


  Trust over fear

There is a well documented behavior known as the chilling effect. For example an MIT study revealed that fewer people search for health advice after the Snowden revelations fearing their personal info will get leaked. Duckduckgo has a vision to raise the level of trust online by partnering with and in some cases donating to, Organizations that share a similar vision. An open internet where you control your personal info a vision i for one share.

Privacy policies should not be a collect it all mindset but a clear representation of what your giving up and the potential benefits and risks in doing so. What you search is your business not their business model. Observation of the population for advertising or worse yet for resale should be labeled for what if is spying.

  Tips and tricks

Though i outlined above how futile it wuld be to explain everything at one time ill give some basic info on how to start to reclaim your privacy.

  • (VPN) Virtual private network: This should be used whenever online if possible a log less service that doesn't keep records. I use proton vpn but do your own research.

  • Browser: To each their own my preference is Brave browser they partnered with duckduckgo.

  • Encryption: Both email and phone sms any android is owned by google. Must be encrypted by owner not true for ios.

  • Encrypted mail: Emails should also be encrypted i prefer Proton Mail.

  • Proxy:a proxy should be used as default setting from your ip address so your not tracked by ISP.

  • TOR: (TOR) the onion router this is the most secure you can get however tor browsers should only be used when fully understood. When used by less informed consumers it could be dangerous. They do offer a browse with tor option in brave browser desktop version.



I have given but a small example of what google is doing and a few help full hints on how to avoid some of their data collection. There are many more issues i hope to tackle in the future installments. Like the location tracking or the audio logs kept from all hey google or google home services. For those who want to learn more immediately duckduckgo offers a Privacy crash course linked below.


Sources: https://spreadprivacy.com

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Remember if you want to search privately there is only one place to duckduckgo.


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