Crypto is a matter of choice...

By Iv4n | Crypto and all that.... | 28 Feb 2020

It really is, crypto is a matter of choice, and within that choice you have many other choices you can choose to make, or not... it's up to you!

On a side that people look for financial gain, we all do, it's a life style, and we can't run away from that. We always need cash...but is there more? I like to think there is, once you get into crypto you are facing with endless possibilities! It's a world for itself, so many projects and communities, many ways to earn or lose money... in the beginning or the end everything depends on you!

One thing is important, You choose what You use, and what You use is what You support! 

You choose to use dollar, euro, yuan, any other fiat currency (or You are forced to do that), and with that you support some government... government that is in war with some other governments... while some banks are making money on both sides… rich people are getting richer, it's an old scheme.

Can we chose to use crypto instead? To support equality, to support transparency? Can we choose to support decentralization? Where everyone and anyone will have the same rights?

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Crypto and all that....
Crypto and all that....

Everything related with crypto..

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