AMA Recap - Seascape x Game of Bitcoins

AMA Recap - Seascape x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 10 Feb 2021



Thanks a lot for actively participating in the Seascape AMA held on 10th February 2021 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Seascape

We have with us David Johansson and Nicky Lee

Hi everyone. I'm David, and I'm founder and creative director of the Seascape Network. I've been developing games now for nearly ten years, with a diverse background ranging from mobile games to AAA titles. Around 2015, I became heavily interested in the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities.

Excited by the prospect of decentralization, and the potential impact this could have on gaming in the future, I partnered up with my long time work partner, Nicky Li and got to work on trying to bring what we thought was missing to the industry. To date, we've been very fortunate, from the success of our flagship game BLOCKLORDS, to the launch of our coin, and beyond. We've gotten the support from major players in the game, such as Binance, DaoMaker, LD Capital, and many many more. And I'm very excited to take this dream all the way to the limit.

So I want to tell you guys a bit about our platform. Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

DeFi is a revolutionary advancement not only to the blockchain industry, but to worldwide finance in general. Giving everyone the power to use their assets as collateral to earn interest and take loans is something that has been kept away from too many and has kept wealth locked away for those who are closest to the money printer. Our aim is to bring the world of traditional gaming to Crypto, so as long as someone is able to dream it, we want to make it a reality within the Seascape Network. We want to be something of a decentralized Steam, with no limit on genre or gameplay, which is why we are developing special SDK that any developer can use to develop the games they love.


Nicky -

Greetings all, I’m Nicky. Passionate about games and stepped into the Gaming industry in 2014. Experience at established Chinese game studios such as Yoozoo, Forgame and Moonton. Worked as a project manager of <League of Angels>, which won the 'BEST FACEBOOK GAME' in 2014. It was a huge success and led to a very good market performance. Also worked as a designer and operation team leader on <Liberators>, a WW2 strategy game that also won the 'BEST FACEBOOK GAME' in 2016.

Currently leading development of BLOCKLORDS, an innovative medieval grand strategy blockchain game. And also Co-founder and COO of Seascape Network. Personally I got into crypto because of CryptoKitties. Its success also gives me inspiration about combining the games with blockchain technology, allowing “play and earn” to become the next wave in the industry.

Thanks to @Transparentz , he basically take us go through the Seascape. Our strategy is to make it so that players don't need to have knowledge about blockchain and just simply register and play, get normal players inside of the game first. Then we reward and educate players with events and crypto rewards, teach them things about wallet, crypto, blockchain tech, etc.

We just celebrated a successful launch, and the release of our first minigame. Over the coming weeks, we will release the remaining two of 3 DeFi games.

Check here for information pertaining to our most recent game, how to play, and where to get your hands on LP tokens!

Check here for a detailed walkthrough on how to get your hands on Crowns on Uniswap, one of several exchanges hosting our coin.

Players can buy our token in Uniswap, provide liquidity there to get LP token, then STAKE into our DeFi Game #1 to get $Crowns reward.

Also, players can earn Seascape NFTs in our games and then STAKE into another NFT Stake game to get $Crowns reward.

Q1. How will you introduce the blockchain world to gamers? while gamers are blind to the blockchain world. How do you plan on getting your platform adopted and been put to use daily by gamers?

There are 2 ways to attract mainstream gamers. The first, and most important one, is the user experience. Blockchain still has a long way to go to that, as we are far behind web 2.0 when it comes to onboarding new users, but I strongly believe we will get there sooner than later and there are many teams like us who are entirely focused on making the process smoother than it was before. This is very important for the long-term sustainability of all dApps.

The second thing DeFi games have to offer that no traditional games do is a way for users to truly own and monetize their in-game assets. This is something only blockchain games can offer so directly and it is mainly a messaging issue. As soon as the user experience has been fixed for DeFi games, the word will start spreading about the potential profitability in my opinion.

With the recent launch of our platform, users can see we did a lot of effort to make things easy. Such as we implemented Uniswap API, so user can just connect wallet and purchase Crowns (CWS) in our site, no need to go to Uniswap and worried about fake tokens.

We are also working on Scalability (onboarding non-crypto players) a lot, our strategy is that players don’t need to have prior knowledge about blockchain; they can simply register and play. This way we will get normal players inside of the game first. Then we reward and educate players with events and crypto rewards, teach them things about wallet, crypto, blockchain tech, etc.

Q2. Regarding the Crowns chart on the website, we can get Crowns token by owning BLOCKLORDS and 2 other game's NFT. Is it must to own these 3 NFTs or we just need 1 of them? If I own Crowns token, what will I get as the rewards?

Interesting. Not really sure where this friend found the information that hold Seascape NFTs will get CWS airdrop but the team is willing to do something similar. All players of our games will be rewarded,  but the specifics will remain a surprise.

For now, we suggest you to join our DeFi games to earn CWS reward!

This is Profit Circus, the first game we released 3 days after our token launched. Still up to 200% APY! Join here 👇

We were planning to launch the next 2 games, which are about NFT Minting and NFT Staking, on Ethereum this month. But with gas fees as crazy as they are, we are considering speeding up our integration to BSC in order to provide lower fees to our users. This means the next batch of games might come next month instead, but don't worry it will happen soon and I strongly urge anyone interested in our network to try Profit Circus out and give us valuable feedback so we can speed up our gamification of defi across all chains!

Q3. I know that connection between ScapeGameStore and Polkadot System will bring the possibility to do trading cross chain asset for the gamers. But beside that reason, why did Seascape choose Polkadot?

We have a lot of experience working with other chains and layer 2 solutions. While they all have their advantages and flaws, the main problem in blockchain right now is the lack of users and development tools on most protocols. This makes it very hard as a game developers because without users or on-chain value, a game is basically worthless. This is why we chose to begin the Seascape journey on Ethereum, because that is where all the users and value are locked up.

Through Polkadot, they can transfer back to ethereum, for instance, to exchange it for its value in ETH. We will begin our transition to Substrate in 2021. It will begin with a new random number generator developed on Substrate, which will offer a unique decentralized product for other dApp developers in the Polkadot ecosystem. A variety of Polkadot parachains will be used to connect to the viaduct, linking Seascape with the outside world. Once the platform launches on Polkadot, staked tokens will be used to secure parachain slots. The core idea is to always reward our players for their patronage.

Q4. PayWave is a Seascape feature that allows Crowns holders to receive passive earnings from Seascape Gaming ecosystem, but how exactly can the user get these passive incomes?

Every player who owns Crowns will receive PayWave drop. The Paywave supply is taken entirely from the spent amounts of tokens in the Seascape Network ecosystem and game platform. This Paywave function makes it easy to create a passive way to increase stacks of Crowns holders, further pushing growth of its community. 

In the other word, Paywave will help drive both engagement and usage of the coins, as well as encourage users to hold the token.

The Paywave is unique in nature because it is the first token mechanic that truly makes the holders owners of the gaming platform they are using. Because so few tokenized game projects actually have games on their platforms, they also have no sinks that will take away tokens from the supply. The first Paywave will not be triggered until a significant portion of the supply has been spent in-game as well, so it will serve as a sync for extra tokens in the early days of the token's launch.

So stay tunned for the 1st PayWave.

Q5. What are the uses of the Player Created Coins (PCC) of Seascape? players will be able to create their own in-game currencies within the platform, which uses will they have in the games?

The PCC's were heavily inspired by MakerDAO vaults. One issue we've noticed with the blockchain gaming industry is that many individual games that launch their own tokens quickly run out of steam. This is because one game in itself isn't really enough to sustain an entire decentralized economy with real value. On the other hand, game devs should still be able to have control over the currencies used in their games so that they can design the in-game economies for optimized user experience.

The way we plan to solve this is with the Player-Created-Coins, which will allow game developers to create a token for their games with any supply they choose, but always backed by a set minimum of Crowns. That way, the gamers will always be able to redeem the underlying crowns, which will in turn stabilize the value of the newly minted game currency and make it less risky to gamers. We are quite excited about this system and can't wait to share it with our players!

Q6. What do you think about other projects with NFT concepts, such as Enjin, Decentraland, and DEGO? Does Seascape currently have plans to cooperate with other NFT projects

We don't see any of these groups as our competitors, but rather partners or potential partners. We are currently working with Cocos, using their game engine. We also collaborated with them in the past and built some things on their chain Cocos-BCS. We would love the opportunity to work with Enjin or Decentraland as well if the opportunity arises. There's a lot of room for growth in the future. In order for any of these projects to grow, ours included, it will be necessary for all of us to grow and strengthen user faith in the economy.

Q7. Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Our contracts have been audited and verified by Certik, which is a major player in the auditing field, as well as a number of independent smart contract developers. We are also exploring options to insure our smart contracts so that affected users will get their funds back if anything unexpected were to happen. Security is something we take extremely seriously and will continue to do!

You can check the audit report here:

Q8. NFT is considered the next trend of the crypto industry after DeFi. Could you share your opinion about NFT? Where do you see the future evolution of NFT features and capabilities in the next few years?

In order for NFTs to really break through, two things need to happen. They need to have a real value attached to them, either in cryptocurrency, or in fiat, and that value needs to be redeemable within the NFT itself. This is something we will explore a lot in the Seascape Network gaming ecosystem. 

For instance, the longer you stake Seascape NFTs, the more you will earn, so this is a solid strategy if you want to maximize your return per NFT, but if the token is staked in the game to earn CWS it will have to be burned when claiming. That said, if you prefer collecting the NFT itself that is definitely an option you can take. We will also implement different ways of earning for other NFT holders in the future for users like you who want to hold on to their NFTs while still earning an income!

Q9. Does Seascape accept freelance game developers? what are the requirements for game developer to join the Seascape Network? and how the developer gets a commission or incentivized?

Yes, we welcome freelance game dev. Pls contact us 

We can help you set up CWS payment and NFT, DeFI function in your game and connect directly with Seascape ecosystem. Let's grow together!

As we launch more games on the Seascape Network, we will also open up developer tools to allow access to our SDKs for all interested developers. This will allow devs to quickly to quickly implement not only crypto-payments, but also NFT creation and DeFi features such as lp mining and collatirilized loans directly into their games, completely unlocking the power of DeFi to all developers. 

There will be few restrictions for devs, as the SDKs will be compatible with Unity, Unreal, Cocos Creator and other mainstream game engines. If you are a game dev and want to join us, just simply email us: and we will get back to you soon.

Q10. Can I stake Your Token? What are your Staking criteria?

Yes. Now you can stake in MXC and later we will have another staking program collaborate with BitMax, so you can also stake there later.

Q11. To create the Seascape financial ecosystem, will there be a buyback or burning of a token supply?

We only have 10M total supply. No buyback or burn. But we have spend and PayWave.

Check above answers to research what is PayWave.

Great AMA! Sorry we that we can only pick few questions to answer here today, But we are always happy to meet you guys and answer more in our community, please join if you feel pump about what we are doing:

👉Join our TG chat channel

👉Stay tuned for more info

👉 Research the project

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