God's Unchained - Season 1 Expansion Cards Releasing TODAY with 15% OFF on packs!

By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 9 Sep 2020

The New Expansion is Coming

To celebrate the release of the new expansion set Trial of the Gods will be 15% off for the first week, than moving to 7.5% off for 3 extra weeks!
There are a finite amount of cards available so don't miss out on this great discount on the card packs & chests!

Gods Unchained releases its first Expansion for the game with Season 1: Champions Rise. Which is designed to host multiple new sets, bringing along new mechanics and new champions.

Gods Unchained currently only has the Genesis set, Welcome Set and the Core Card set available for play, but that all changes today! Trial of the Gods will be introducing 150 new cards into the mix, the rarity breakdown is displayed down below.

  • 54 Commons
  • 46 Rares
  • 26 Epics
  • 24 Legendaries

Along with that each Domain will be getting a influx of new additions.


Trial of the Gods Card Packs are coming in 4 different types - Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny-Legendary. Inside each pack will include 5 Trial of the Gods cards, with 1 card guaranteed to be the same rarity value as the name of the pack. All card packs will also drop Draw Tickets.

  • Rare Card Pack - $2.49 USD - 4 Common cards or better + 1 Rare card or better

  • Epic Card Pack - $6.99 USD - 4 Common cards or better + 1 Epic card or better

  • Legendary Card Pack - $24.99 USD - 3 Common cards or better + 1 Rare card or better + 1 Legendary card

  • Shiny Legendary Pack - $149.99 USD - 3 Common cards or better + 1 Rare card or better + 1 Shiny Legendary card


Trial of the Gods Chests are boxes that will hold 6 card packs inside and come in 2 different types - Rare and Legendary. What sets them apart from card packs is that they can be saved to open at a later date, as well as being able to trade or sell them on the marketplace.

  • Rare Chest - $14.99 USD (Only 32,500 available) - 6 Rare Card Packs

  • Legendary Chest - $149.99 USD (Only 3,250 available) - 6 Legendary Card Packs


To account for fluctuation, ETH/USD exchange rates for the packs and chests will be set and adjusted at a regular cadence several times a day.

Last but not least I mentioned above that Draw Tickets will also drop within the packs, there is a TON of info to go over for the Shadow & Mythic Prize Draws.

The biggest prize of all is the newest Mythic card being released, Citadel of the Gods (Only 1 available!) Watch it in action below.



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