BlockFi vs Celsius - Unbank Yourself.

BlockFi vs Celsius - Unbank Yourself.

By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 6 Nov 2020

Over the last few months I've given both BlockFi and Celsius services a trial run too see which platform I'm going to stick with since they're so similar.

TLDR; BlockFi is the easiest and least confusing to use, Celsius offers more coins and the best rates but that depends on your CEL balance (Celsius has its own token) and Loyalty Level.

Each platform is extremely easy to get started, all that is required is you create an account, fund your account with fiat, crypto, or stablecoins and that's it! You start earning interest immediately.

Along with the Earnings, they also offer a loan service which is simple too use but not something I use specifically. You choose collateral from your available crypto, set desired loan amount, choose the desired Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio listed, read over terms and you're set.



BlockFi currently offers earnings on 8 different cryptos with varying APY%.

  • BTC (6%), ETH (5.25%), LTC (5%), PAX (8.6%), PAXG (5%), USDT (9.3%), USDC (8.6%), GUSD (8.6%).

BlockFi shows your accrued interest build up daily until it reaches their payout day which is once a month, Thats means the compounding interest is a monthly build up. 

Flex Interest Setting is an amazing setting preference available. You have 2 options for getting paid your interest. 

  • Default - Interest paid in the same currency as deposited.
  • Flex - All interest paid in the crypto of your choice. 

BlockFi also shows your daily accrued interest across the total balance and per crypto. As an example,

  • ETH (0.0018336 ETH, $0.70~ USD)
  • BTC (0.00003625 BTC, $0.45~ USD)
  • Total Accrued Interest ($1.15~ USD)

This would be a day 1 interest report, from there it would continue to build until the monthly payout and add to your balance as per your payout setting, Default or Flex.



Celsius currently offers earnings on 34 cryptos, with 7 more coming soon! The list includes many popular altcoins, multiple stablecoins, and DeFi tokens for earnings with varying APY%.

The Celsius Wallet/Network is unique in 2 major ways.

#1 - Celsius has a token of its own, Celsius Network (CEL) with an APY% of 5.12%

#2 - Loyalty Program & Loyalty Levels

There are 4 different levels to the Loyalty Program - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each with their own Earnings Bonus and Discounts on Loan Interest.

Loyalty Level is dynamic and will change with changing wallet balances, including new transfers, withdrawals and market fluctuations.


Default settings for getting paid your interest is set to earn all rewards in CEL, you have the option of setting each coin individually. So my ETH gains interest in ETH and all other balances gets CEL, whatever works for you. 

Celsius doesn't show daily accrued interest info but it does pay out weekly so that means weekly compounding interest vs monthly.

If you choose to buy into the network and earn all rewards in CEL. Eventually you will level up to Bronze once your CEL balance reaches 5% of your total wallet balance and start earning a higher APY% than you otherwise would.

  • BTC (4.51%), ETH (5.5%), BCH/BSV (4.51%), LTC (5.05%), DASH (5.5%), Zcash (3.51%), EOS (4.45%), Uniswap (6.5%), Chainlink (4.51%)

Are just a few of the 34 (soon to be 41) cryptos listed for earnings, all APY% could increase by 5% - 30% depending on your loyalty level.

No hidden fess, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

Tell me what you think below. Have you used either service or both? Which do you prefer and why?

If you haven't tried either service and been on the edge, yesterday was the best time to get in, today is the 2nd best, dont wait any longer!

Put your crypto to work and unbank yourself!

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