Which Fits You the Best? MyCointainer Subscription Plans Review

Which Fits You the Best? MyCointainer Subscription Plans Review

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 15 Apr 2020

Since most of us are in lockdown now, the methods of making money from home are well in demand. The likes e-commerce, freelance business and gaming comes to our minds first. But considering you're interested in cryptocurrency, staking can also bring you additional income. If you are looking for a reliable platform to stake your coins, then MyCointainer is your go-to option. We have developed a platform for staking and masternodes. You can start staking your cryptocurrency holdings with just a click, and start making extra money. Because of the current situation, any additional money is welcome, so let us introduce our staking options.


What Is Staking?

Although staking is being widely used in this emerging space, it may seem little difficult to understand at first glance. Especially if you are new to this sector, it can be difficult  to fully understand it. So, it's better for you to learn what is staking first. The term staking simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in a wallet for fixed period. This could be for one month, one week or for a year. Of course, the earnings you will get from staking will depend on the length of time you hold it. If you decide to hold your coins for a long period of time, you will get higher returns.

Staking is only valid for cryptocurrencies which are using Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. There are many alternatives you can find to stake your coins. Each has different characteristics and variable return for a fixed period of time. If you stake your coins, you will get additional cryptocurrencies because of your contribution to the network. So if you are looking for ways to stake your money, MyCointainer have this covered for you.

In our platform, we have three main different options for staking. Because we know that each investors have different expectations when staking their cryptocurrency. So, providing them with options is something that we are keeping in mind. So what are these three options? Let's find out and and explain them in detail. Welcome to MyCointainer Power Plan!




Basic Plan (Free)

In our free option, we can say that this is the right place to start staking for beginners. By using our free option, you can start earning a passive income. In our free plan, you can pick one of the listed cryptocurrencies in our platform. In addition to that, you won't need to pay a reward fee for the selected 14 cryptocurrencies. But worth noting that in the basic plan, you may need to pay reward fees for other PoS coins. And you can stake with as little as $1, to begin your journey in this highly emerging area of this cryptocurrency industry.


Power Plus

With choosing Power Plus plan, you will get the following by paying 3.90 EUR per month.

  • %0 Reward fees all listed cryptocurrencies: That means you can keep all of your earnings to yourselves when staking cryptocurrencies.
  • Shared masternode access to all assets: You can access the premium masternodes with avoiding all the hassle. Meanwhile, if you setup your master node with MyCointainer, you can save up to $11.1 for three months.


  • More profits if you stake more than $500: If you choose a Power Plus instead of a free plan, you can profit more by staking cryptocurrencies. For example, if you stake $DIVI you will get %80 percent in $DIVI per year. In our free plan, you must sacrifice %7 of reward fee but in our Power Plus plan, you won't need to pay a %7 percent fee. And therefore, you can get an additional amount of money, by paying just 3.90 EUR per month.


  • Community support: Supporting the developers is something that we are very determined to achieve. By subscribing our Power Plus plan, you can also be a part of that. %1 percent of the money is attributed to the community causes, and this will allow them the improve the projects.


Power MAX

Our Power MAX plan covers everything included in our previous two options. You can earn more profits with 0% of staking fees on all assets. With that, %100 of all rewards will directly go to you, just like to Power Plus plan. And also, you can access the masternodes with avoiding all the hassle, again but with a small difference. You can save up to $10 per month by having 2+ masternodes in our Power MAX plan.


There are some differences, too. And these will suite you the best. For community purposes, 7 percent of the fee will go the communities. That will give them a better chance to improve their projects, which would be essential to your future incomes. The other important difference is that the VIP Giveaways & Offers.

By subscribing to our Power MAX plan, you can have a chance to have at least one giveaway which worth $200 for every month. This is a very interesting thing that you should consider when choosing your plan. With $200 is on the table for each month via VIP giveaways and offers, you can earn much more money by subscribing our Power MAX plan. This plan will cost 8.90 EUR per month, which easily worth your money considering the amazing giveaways and offers for each month. And, we are promising that we will match rewards versus solo masternode and staking.

Finally, we would like to introduce are new feature for Power Max subscribers, called Partners' Superb Rewards. In this reward plan, you can earn +2 silver masternodes, with an addition to 50.000 COLX tokens for every month! If you haven't decided to subscribe our Power Max plan, then we think those two would made your minds up!


1.png ColossusXT has partnered with MyCointainer since a very long time and is one of the first to help with amazing benefits for MyCointainer POWER

2.png DIVI supported MyCointainer since its early days and is one of the first to help with amazing benefits for MyCointainer POWER

To subscribe our Power MAX plan, you should act quickly. The price of 8,90 EUR has limited quantity. After that, the price will go back to normal with 13.99 EUR per month.

MyCointainer is being widely used for many cryptocurrency investors for quite a long time. Now, it's your time to start using this platform, which is seen as one of the best alternatives around. With Covid-19 is really taking his tool on our lives, we should start searching for additional income during this turbulent period that the world are facing at the moment. And if you are interested in this cryptocurrencies, there are no easier and safer way to earn an additional income in comparison to staking. And you should start your journey on MyCointainer by choosing one of our plans, now!


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