Top 10 Staking Coins & Top 10 Masternode Coins - Week #30

Top 10 Staking Coins & Top 10 Masternode Coins - Week #30

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 2 Aug 2020


This report covers the period 19th - 26th July 2020. Best Performing Staking Coins - Weekly Summary. Enjoy!

Hi, Insight Readers. Staking assets available at MyCointainer remain in the positive area where they keep growing into notable and profitable coins. Earnings are between 53.99% to 12.43% over the 7-day period. Last week's highest gainer had a three-digit gain, while this week’s assets have rather moderate earnings.  

First place goes to Syscoin (SYS) with 53.99%. Previous week SYS landed in 3rd place, only this time it captured the top spot. Ongoing growth and development from the project is making the headlines and turns a positive outlook for SYS.

Second placer is Electra (ECA) with 39.95% gain. And the third placer is Rapids (RPD) with positive 26.28%. Both entered the top 10 swiftly and overtaking other staking assets.

BlackCoin (BLK) and Phore (PHR) retained their positions in the top 10 for two consecutive weeks in a row.

List of top 10 staking intrest earning coins that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:


Top 10 Performing Staking Coins this week:

  1. Syscoin (SYS) + 53.99 %
  2. Electra (ECA) + 39.95 %
  3. Rapids (RPD) + 26.28 %
  4. Social Send (SEND) + 22.50 %
  5. BlackCoin (BLK) + 19.79 %
  6. Stealth (XST) + 18.50 %
  7. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 14.82 %
  8. Phore (PHR) + 14.47 %
  9. CloakCoin (CLOAK) + 12.97 %
  10. Energi (NRG) + 12.43 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top staking coins this week:

  1. Syscoin (SYS) + 3 SYS
  2. Electra (ECA) + 197 ECA
  3. Rapids (RPD) + 6993 RPD
  4. Social Send (SEND) + 214 SEND
  5. BlackCoin (BLK) + 0.59 BLK
  6. Stealth (XST) + 7 XST
  7. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 0.07 BLOCK
  8. Phore (PHR) + 2 PHR
  9. CloakCoin (CLOAK) + 0.75 CLOAK
  10. Energi (NRG) + 0.22 NRG


5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are: FYDcoin, SafeInsure, Peercoin, Deep Onion, and ExclusiveCoin.

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Have a great staking days ahead.



This report covers the period 19th - 26th July 2020. Best Performing Masternode Coins - Weekly Summary. Enjoy!

Hi, Insight Readers. This week the results of best performing shared masternode coins continues to move in the green zone. It has been 4 weeks to be exact since we started seeing straight positive earnings from the listed assets available at MyCointainer. Though we are gearing for a more higher earnings, this week's profits did not outperform the earnings from the previous week. Earnings of the week range from 3.92% to 26.28%.

The best performer of the week is Rapids (RPD) with positive 26.28%. From 5th place last week, it jumped to 1st place after the 7-day period. Surely, RPD is one of the consistent top gainer MyCointainer has.

Runner ups are Social Send (SEND) and Blocknet (BLOCK) with 22.50% and 14.82% gains, respectively. BLOCK reappeared in the weekly top performers with an improved standing from previous week's 10th place to 3rd place this week.

Other assets that maintained their positions in the top 10 spots for two weeks in a row are Phore, ExclusiveCoin, and DeviantCoin.

List of top 10 masternode intrest earning coins that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:


Top 10 Performing Masternode Coins this week:

  1. Rapids (RPD) + 26.28 %
  2. Social Send (SEND) + 22.50 %
  3. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 14.82 %
  4. Phore (PHR) + 14.47 %
  5. FYDcoin (FYD) + 10.12 %
  6. ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) + 7.86 %
  7. ColossusXT (COLX) + 7.66 %
  8. DeviantCoin (DEV) + 7.13 %
  9. Crown (CRW) + 4.52 %
  10. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 3.92 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top masternode coins this week:

  1. Rapids (RPD) + 6993 RPD
  2. Social Send (SEND) + 214 SEND
  3. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 0.07 BLOCK
  4. Phore (PHR) + 2 PHR
  5. FYDcoin (FYD) + 381 FYD
  6. ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) + 27 EXCL
  7. ColossusXT (COLX) + 1052 COLX
  8. DeviantCoin (DEV) + 0.81 DEV
  9. Crown (CRW) + 5 CRW
  10. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 118 MUE


5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are: PIVX, Wagerr, LUXCoin, Stratis, and Metrix Coin.  

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