Note Social Global Prize Giveaway

Note Social Global Prize Giveaway

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 18 Oct 2020

Hello everyone! 

Do you know about Note Blockchain's Social Network?

The brand new Social Network with Ephemeral Messages, it means that after 24 hours, your post is automatically destroyed, it is not stored on any server and therefore disappears completely from the net! 

Note Blockchain and its teams of developers work together to guarantee you protection on the net, but also to guarantee the anonymity of your personal data. The team does not and will never sell them, unlike other social networks, or sites, which abuse their users for financial purposes, Note Blockchain sees you as full-fledged people, and not as a "Chicken with Golden Eggs".

For the next few days, Note Blockchain is organizing a simple little game. It starts on Twitter, you have to 'Vote' for your choice of Tech, each proposed item has a value of 250$, and then retweet the post

These votes end on October 23rd, and then you can participate in the November 1st draw (if you are eligible - Vote + Retweet) you need to download Note Blockchain's Social Network App to get your NTBC Wallet, available in your favorite store: Android & iOS.


The draw will start on November 1st 

We are counting on your participation and support!

It's very simple, Vote for your favorite Tech on this Tweet, Retweet, Download the App Note Blockchain


*A next article will be published before November 1st explaining in detail how to participate in the Draw, which takes place in 14 Rounds, during 14 days (Because as I explained above, all the messages on the Note Blockchain Social Network are deleted after 24 hours).

1 entry for the draw will require a participation of 1000 NTBC (unlimited number of entries per participant)*


Good luck to all. Feel free to join us on Telegram, or directly on the App if you have any questions.


Enjoy this first week of All Saints' Day vacation.

Christophe WILHELM




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