Nodle - The first Low Power Network for the IoT

Nodle - The first Low Power Network for the IoT

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 20 May 2020

We are a privileged generation, what we have experienced over the last 20 years, these technological evolutions like no other, there was a time when visionaries who dreamed about it, they were then considered insane, but if only they would have even touched the surface of those we have today, in their dreams, it is certain that they themselves would have thought they were completely crazy.


Between the Internet, Smartphones, Social Networks, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. Add to this the IoT technology, which is in many ways more complex than it seems.

This technology allows connected objects (IoT - Internet of Things) to communicate with each other, but also with humans. It's just an incredible revolution, 20 years ago we saw this kind of thing in science fiction movies.

Although they have recently become popular, IoT devices are based on a technology that is much older than the Internet as we know it. We have to go back to 1982 in the United States to discover this history, the principle was to connect 'machines' (computers) to servers able to supervise them, so we can say that the 'machines' were 'networked' and it was called "The Internet of Machines".

But today IoT devices are all around us, every day a person can interact with hundreds of IoT devices (experts estimate that in 2019 we have 8 billion IoT devices, the largest ecosystem of connected equipment in the world, and that there will be 13.8 billion in 2024), Smart Home Devices, Wearables, Connected Vehicles, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers and Screens, Internet Media Devices, Smartphones, PCs ...

But what's the point of having a connected scale if it doesn't communicate with your connected watch (and smartphone) to offer you a sports program adapted to your needs, or what's the point of having a connected fridge if it doesn't make the order for you to fill it (after having also communicated with your connected scale). As you will have understood, IoT devices are much more than just electronic gadgets, or a fashionable design, there is a real technology behind it all, but also an Artificial Intelligence.

But all these technological feats also have some small drawbacks, while our generation is concerned about the future of the planet (without neglecting our comfort) we want to become eco-responsible, and this kind of devices (and technology), for the moment, consumes a lot of energy, is difficult to deploy (creation and implementation of new infrastructures) and in general they are localized solutions, therefore centralized.

With this in mind, in 2017 Micha Benoliel and Garrett Kinsman founded NODLE NETWORK - the next generation of IoT Devices and Technologies, combined with their own Blockchain (which brings decentralisation).

Their idea is simple, use the existing infrastructure to develop and popularize this technology, thus reducing operating and maintenance costs. Nodle is compatible with the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard which allows any BLE device to be compatible with their network. (currently 92 million devices ranging from beacons, to bike, cars, scooters, weather stations, appliances .. are detected on the network, in 70+ countries around the world), while using Humans for data collection and transfer. It may be barbaric to say that we 'smartphone users' are data collectors, but it is also an economical AND ecological alternative, for any entity operating and looking to connect their own beacons or devices to the internet leveraging the Nodle Network 


Most Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which allows them to have an autonomy of several years. While currently many devices are in 'Radio Bluetooth' and are not connected to a WIFI or LTE source (because too expensive for this kind of product), the 2 founders of Nodle Network had this idea to use people to be the gateway between the Beacons and other BLE enabled devices and this internet connection.

By using their Nodle Cash App (available on Google Play Store & Apple Store), you become a member of the community, but also a 'Citizen Network' and your help and support to the network makes you earn money (Nodle Cash).


This App is also eco-friendly, it only works with recent Smartphones, and uses Bluetooth Technology (BLE) which consumes only 0.5 to 3% of your battery daily. When you walk in the city, or near IoT devices detected by the Network and your Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone, you anonymously collect the data broadcasted (Device-to-Device) by beacons and other IoT devices, and then always with the intention to remain ecological, they remain stored on your smartphone, until you are connected to your WIFI network to send this collected data by Internet (Device-to-Cloud), to avoid over-consuming your battery. This networking technique is called 'Delay Tolerant networking'. It goes without saying that if more people use this application and help the network, more of the collected data will be 'in real time' without delay tolerance. (You can also use the App directly with your mobile data)


More data moved  + More Nodle Cash App users = More data to analyze, and better analysis.

But I reassure you, this data collection is anonymous, as is the transfer of data (packets) as soon as you return home via WIFI, Nodle Network company has as a priority to protect you, your privacy and personal data, by anonymizing all transactions. This process takes place on the Blockchain, Arcadia (currently used for testnet), which allows for a faster, safer and more flexible system..

The data that Nodle collect and store are also anonymous, and in general they are simple data such as: Frequentation of a place, Number of people using the system by time slot, Public transport passenger flows, etc ... And the collection of these data can be very useful to optimize public spaces, places of visits, etc...

Even in the industry this ecological technology is very useful, whether it is to follow a supply chain from start to finish, but also to check which machines are running, and which are not, or to optimize the inventory to be able to know what to order and when, thus providing 'automated' inventory management.

In addition to Cities, Public Spaces and Industry, this Technology can be adapted to any case as well as all existing and future wireless networks, within the limits of what the human imagination can provide, Health, Smart Cities, Logistics, Energy, Comfort of life ...

As for the Nodle Cash App, it's very simple to use, after downloading it (available on Google Play Store & Apple Store) you will need to create an account, and then the App will be fully operational in 'Eco Mode', and in the background, you just need to leave your Bluetooth connected, and you will start earning Nodle Cash, without doing anything.

For more security, I recommend that you go to 'Wallet Settings' and carefully save your 'Private Key', this key will allow you to reconnect to the App or log in if you change your smartphone, remember to write it down on a piece of paper, keep it in a safe place, don't write it down on a document on your computer, neither in your mail, do not take a picture of it, nor in screenshot, and do not print it, tell yourself that if you get stolen this private key you lose your funds, it is the same as if you lose this private key you also lose any possibility to access your funds, you are the one and only person to have this key (Nodle Network will never have access to it either)

You too take this opportunity to develop the Nodle Network, while respecting the planet, by making small economic and ecological gestures.

The key word is 'ECOLOGY'The future lies in our ability to be ecological, and it is in this sense that Nodle Network makes the difference.

Nodle Network currently counts as professional partners who use BLE Beacons to develop their business, network, optimizations, tracker (bike & scooters): City of Paris, Chipolo, Cisco Meraki, Constellation Brands ...


I currently have an agreement with Nodle, which gives me the right to publish, republish, on their behalf.

If you have any questions or if you believe there is copyright infringement, please contact Nodle directly at



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