MyCointainer - Staking platform

MyCointainer - Staking platform

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 8 Nov 2019


Hello, today let me introduce you to the MyCointainer website


As you may already know, current technologies are evolving exponentially, and many of us are quickly outdated, if we don't keep up with the times, and gradually we are leaving a variety of projects or concepts that we thought were interesting and promising, especially in the Cryptocurrencies universe.

It is this main factor that MyCointainer has decided to take into consideration when developing their activities, thus creating a very easy to use platform, accessible to everyone, and especially across the globe

By developing a system that is very easy to use but also very secure, MyCointainer would like to remind everyone that everyone can benefit from cryptoeconomics, and that it is not only reserved for an elite, or for investors

Many of you may never have heard of 'Staking', despite this barbaric word, which can also be scary, there is nothing wizard about it, and the concept is relatively simple

Nowadays, there are a multitude of ways to earn Cryptocurrencies, and just as many storage wallets, sometimes we get lost, between the hordes of sites to consult regularly, Mobile Wallet App, Desktop Wallet, etc.....


MyCointainer allows you to store your cryptocurrencies in one place, allowing you to know in a few clicks, what are your asset balances

But in addition to that, MyCointainer offers you the possibility to stack your cryptocurrencies, to generate even more, in the form of interest paid daily, just let your money work for you, while leaving you the freedom to enjoy your assets at any time, without blocking delays

Here too MyCointainer surprises us pleasantly, in the ease and speed of these actions, just register, make a deposit of your cryptocurrency (if it is already available on the site) and that's it! MyCointainer takes care of the rest, and after a few hours you will see your balance(s) increase, without any particular technical skills, you have just Stake your cryptocurrencies.

The important point to remember on MyCointainer is: The entire investment and reward generation process is 100% automatic!


Currently MyCointainer is composed of a team of TechnologistsCreatives and Entrepreneurs, all of whom have particular skills in Cryptoeconomics

And as they wish to evolve constantly, and offer you even more services, easy to use, and without neglecting the security of your Assets, they are looking for new members to join their teams, namely :

  • Ambitious people, 
  • Marketing Experts, 
  • Legal Advisors, 
  • Security Experts, 
  • Developers, 
  • Blockchain Architects...

They believe that by offering great value to their customers, excellence in product design and training, they can help people and industry realize the win-win scenario.

It's up to you to join MyCointainer and see how easy it has never been to finally enjoy your cryptocurrencies

In addition to the Staking Service, MyCointainer organizes a monthly contest, by submitting a list of cryptoccurencies to a vote by members, and the winner of the contest is reduced fees to 0% on daily earnings, to offer members who stake their favorite coin, larger reward on it


Currently, a Survey is being set up, just by answering a few questions, your RPD (Rapids) balance will be credited with $5,000 RPD, enough to stake a new currency, for your pleasure

MyCointainer's ambition does not stop there, the solid team that composes it, is always looking for something new to offer you, and focusing on a "user first" approach because these services are designed for you, to make your daily life easier, and all major decisions will be submitted to a vote by the community, and its users

With you, and through you, MyCointainer will position itself as THE essential Staking platform in the Cryptocurrencies industry

Thank you all for reading this article, all I have to do is say "See you soon on MyCointainer", may you be able to finally enjoy your crypto as you wish


I remain at your disposition if you have any questions


Christophe WILHELM 


Published with the agreement of MyCointainer

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