How to use Staking with MyCointainer

How to use Staking with MyCointainer

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 8 Dec 2019

Good morning, everyone!

  • Would you also like to invest in high-potential cryptocurrencies?
  • You want to invest and Stake cryptocurrencies, but you don't know how to do it, or how to get crypto that are possible to be staked, and thus generate a sustainable passive income?

MyCointainer offers you this possibility, but also this opportunity, since a few days now, you have the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies, directly on the MyCointainer site by simple bank transfer with FIAT currency (if you do not yet have the cryptocurrency you are interested in, and which is listed on the site)


Currently MyCointainer offers 43 different cryptocurrencies, and all use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) principle, and some also have their own Masternodes

Here is a non-exhaustive list of proposed cryptos:


With estimated returns on investment (ROI) between 1% (PinkCoin, BlackCoin, Peercoin and Stratis) and up to 350% (BitCoin One)

It goes without saying that you still have to do your own research on your side, you should not take all investments in cryptocurrencies lightly (just like any other investment that requires your own money)

I let you consult a previous article, which lists the: Top 10 Best Performing Interest / Rewards Earning Crypto Assets - November 2019 Summary  (all cryptocurrencies listed are available on MyCointainer)


Now you too have the possibility to invest in Cryptos and enjoy the effect of Staking and Masternodes, you don't need any special skills, because MyCointainer takes care of everything, you only have the heavy task of choosing on which cryptocurrency to base your trust, or several cryptocurrencies if you wish, the choice is yours

I let you read this article on passive income: Alternative methods to passive income investments

MyCointainer offers you a powerful and free tool (because you can deposit crypto if you already have one, just because you want to buy crypto on MyCointainer does not mean that this site is not free)


As far as withdrawals are concerned, this is also simple, for the sake of security of your assets and investment, to make a withdrawal request, you will just have to prove your identity, by filling out a KYC form, then you can dispose of your crypto balances as you wish


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MyCointainer community and I remain at your service if you have any questions


See you soon

Christophe WILHELM


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