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By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 29 Jan 2021

Every week we see new social media, new sites, new blogs, appearing in the Crypto Universe!


We need contentwe need people who write concrete, relevantinteresting articles, but most of all, who present us with the thousands of projects that the world of Cryptocurrencies has to offer.

Knowledge is acquired throughout our lives, we will never be satiated, and we can only thank all the ambitious young entrepreneurs who launch their own projectswho develop innovative concepts, all these things that have great potential for the future!


But …(because yes, there is always a ‘BUT’ in every story) how can we discern a serious project from a scam on these new social media (older sites also count, unfortunately)?

How do we know if such members (who posts the news, or articles) are indeed people who have the authorizations from the project owner to speak on his behalf and promote his ‘product’?

Many times we have seen this kind of sites, members, or blogs and groups, managed by unscrupulous people, bearing the name of a fashionable project, but who in the end were only scammers!

Because in such cases, it is not the project or the crypto concerned that is stolen, but you! Readers of their posts and articles who are abused!



So how do you remedy this? 

The simplest thing would be to directly contact the official project team, and ask them if this or that information is reliable, especially if they suggest you to invest in order to earn more! Because let me remind you this: No serious project, worthy of the name, will ask its members to invest in order to earn much more! (There are Phases of ICO, Phases of Pre-Sale, this is not the subject of this article)

In general, project owners and their teams don’t have time to answer everyone, so you have to do your own research on your side.

There is one site, whose team has asked ‘how can we protect our users from this kind of scam or usurpation?

I’m going to surprise you. The answer is quite simple! The site I’m talking about is FLOYX.com

Anyone who wants to register a project on Floyx, be it a ‘Startup’ or a ‘Crypto’, should be able to :

  • Justify that they belong to the Project concerned
  • Provide the names, or contact information of the project leaders

Then the Floyx team does its own researchto authenticate this user and allow the project to be present on Floyx.


Why does Floyx do this? For 2 reasons:

  • To protect its members from any usurpation, false information or eventual scams.
  • But also for projects! If a person usurps their identity, it will harm the original project, and in this case it’s not good for them, because when there are 2 totally different pieces of information, how to know which one is the real one ? when the 2 informations say they come from ‘official sources’ ?

It is in this kind of situation that Floyx stands out from the others. In a constant concern to provide and allow their members to publish quality informationthis site really cares about protecting its members and readers.


If you too know some Projects, Cryptos, or any other Startups that are related to Cryptocurrencies, you can tell them about Floyx, maybe they will be interested to be present and represented on this site. 

You can contact the Floyx team by email : [email protected]

Via the Floyx website (if you are already registered as a member) : @floyx

On Twitter : @Floyx_Ltd

On Discord : Floyx (Floyx#8534)


Take care of yourself, good week to you

See you soon 

Christophe WILHELM 



Original article, also posted on CryptoHuff

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