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By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 18 Nov 2019

Since a few years the world of music has been changing, it evolving, we consume music daily and by means that are different from those of our parents


Our parents listened to the radio, they bought K7 Audios, but also CD's and Vinyles (although the trend of Vinyl is gradually returning)

Today, music is omnipresent in our daily lives, and above all, it has been in our minds since we have had access to it via the Internet, our computers, our smartphones, our televisions, our speakers, etc.....


A brief reminder of the latest statistics, to give you an idea of the scale of this universe, Figures from the "Global Music Report 2019":

  • 2018 revenue of US$19.7 billion
  • 9.7% increase in recorded music for the 4th consecutive year
  • Streaming contributes 47% of the world's recorded music turnover
  • 225 Million paid service users and streaming worldwide

These figures would almost make your head spin!

But behind that, we may feel that we have some freedom of choice in terms of music, but that is far from being the reality.

World leaders in Streaming, such as

  • Spotifiy (Free but limited, and Subscription)
  • Apple Music (Subscription)
  • Yandex...

Offer catalogues that seem well provided to you, but in truth, 99% of their catalogue represents only 10% of the music, the so-called "popular" music, the music that you hear everywhere, and that everyone MUST know, it's just a Fric industry

When we know that our planet has nearly 20 million Musicians (all styles and types of music combined), we are entitled to wonder, or have gone through the 90% of music that these platforms do not want us to discover!

351665157-a0a55a7c4229c16b89f4222f2c469309f94392137f9e13fdfb4c7e445ef8160b.jpegCredits photo : https://flat.fm/


9 years ago, the founder of a small local radio station called FLAT.FM, understood very quickly the importance and especially the evolution of the music market, towards streaming and subscriptions, which today represent nearly 50% of the revenues of the music industry

A lot has been achieved in the last 9 years FLAT.FM, which was then a small local radio station, has now become a platform for streaming international electronic music

Their concept is unique, unlike SoundCloud, MixCloud..., FLAT.FM does not allow everything to anyone who wants to become a Musician on their Streaming platform

Because of sites like SoundCloud, MixCloud, etc...., it has become so easy to make electronic music, and moreover, at a lower cost, but while sacrificing the quality of this art, that's why FLAT.FM, by using a complex neural network, as well as the analysis of various elements (quality of work, notoriety of the artist, past events, activities on social networks, etc..) and based on a relatively strict (technical) specification to propose their own catalogue, giving priority to quality rather than quantity, will grant the status of "Musician" to people who will fulfil all these characteristics

The "Musicians" will then be able to post their Mixtapes on the FLAT.FM streaming platform, and the advantages it offers them are:

  • No time limit for a Mixtape
  • Unlimited storage

No other streaming platform in the world offers such advantages to their "Musicians".

"Free music hosting and moderate status acquisition, combined with streaming quality of 128 and 320 kbps, make the FLAT.FM platform the most cost-effective music hosting among existing platforms."




As for using the FLAT.FM Streaming platform, it is very simple

You have the opportunity to listen to:

  • Podcast
  • Radio Show
  • Mixtapes

Unlimited! Free of charge! Has a more than correct quality of 128 kbps

For users who wish to subscribe to a Subscription:

  • You have all the advantages of the free version
  • + Audio Quality 320 kbps
  • + Download your favorite Mixtapes




FLAT.FM has used Minter to create its own Cryptocurrency, which is FLATCOIN, for users of the Minter network, you have the possibility to convert your BIPs (or any other crypto created with Minter) into FLTACOIN, to pay your subscription

The current rate (18 Nov. 2019) is 756 FLATCOIN = 23 BIP which means $0.70 per month

FLAT.FM offers you to use FLATCOIN to pay your monthly subscription, with a discount of 25 to 50% compared to a subscription paid in FIAT currency (89 RUB = $1.26 / month)


The advantages of using cryptocurrencies to pay for your subscription are:

  • Almost instantaneous transactions (with FIAT Currencies you would have up to 5 days to wait for your transaction)
  • Decentralized system
  • Warranty/Protection against counterfeiting
  • Low transaction costs (unlike banks that charge up to 10% fees, depending on the country of departure or destination of your money)
  • No Geographic Barriers


Presentation of the FLAT.FM catalogue




Whether you are a subscriber or a free member, you will have access to thousands of Podcasts, Radio shows, Mixtapes, etc...

You will be able to carry out your following searches:

  • The recording location of the Mixtape
  • The Artist's Name
  • The kind of electro music
  • The Music Label
  • Podcasts and Videopodcasts...

And all this in very high quality, but especially in UNLIMITED (which is impossible on all current platforms on the market)

You will also be able to interact with the "Musicians" directly on their Mixtapes, you will also be able to Like, Comment, and share on social networks, create "collections" and playlists, to take with you everywhere!


With FLAT.FM, it has never been easier to consume quality music, produced by talented artists, and at a paltry cost!


FLAT.FM community and I are at your service if you have any further questions or requests

Feel free to join us, on Telegram & Telegram Chat, Facebook, Twitter


See you soon


Christophe WILHELM



Published with the agreement of FLAT.FM

Credits photo : https://flat.fm/

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