DexMex Pioneering with ERC-20 Peer to Peer Leveraged Trading Options

DexMex Pioneering with ERC-20 Peer to Peer Leveraged Trading Options

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 28 Mar 2021

How would you feel about a Decentralized Trading platform offering leverage trading? Leverage trading services are lacking in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), but DexMex, a recently introduced platform, aims to provide the services.

DexMex is the pioneer UniSwap-based market offering peer-to-peer leverage trading of ERC-20 Tokens. All platforms offering leverage trading are currently Centralized and clouded with multiple issues, including regulations, manipulation, and closures.

However, DexMex aims to eradicate all these issues by Decentralizing leveraged trading centered on the Ethereum Smart Contract. DexMex indeed offers efficiency, convenience, usability, and reliability to the users.

One of the main features defining the platform is the infinite flexibility of the ERC-20 Tokens, meaning a user can trade any Token Peer-to-Peer.

DexMex offers top liquidity of all assets therein, making it easy to exchange assets within the platform.

It determines the asset liquidity using a direct ratio of interests in shorts and longs. Therefore, when rewarding the users, long-term liquidity is one of the issues the platform considers. All losing positions in the platform contribute to rewarding the winning positions.


The DEXM Token

DexMex has its Native Utility Token dubbed DEXM, which helps secure the system in the long term. DEXM is currently trading at $0.126. This Token serves as a Governance Token, where Holders will make decisions about how the Token operates.

Additionally, the DEXM Token allows the users to earn good passive income. For instance, the platform charges 0.8% commission fees. 0.4% of the income made by the platform is distributed to DexMex stakers who earn this commission in Ethereum.

The Token has long-term stability owing to the Buy-backs and Burns features. 0.2% of the monies charged as transaction fees are used in buying DEXM from circulation. The bought DEXM are Burnt, thus increasing the token's scarcity and ultimately the price.


Enjoy World-Class Convenience

The DexMex platform offers its users top simplicity, convenience, and user-friendliness by making every system easily accessible. The App's UI and the dashboard show the services the platform provides, and only with a single click, an investor can be able to use the services.

Using Ethereum Smart Contracts' power, the transactions happen fast since the user trades directly from the web-based wallet like Metamask.

The platform sets a transaction commission of 0.8% and does not have any other hidden fees.


Top Investment Security

DexMex, like many other internet-based financial platforms, knows that the internet carries lots of risks to investors. However, this platform focuses on ensuring that all investors feel safe when using the platform.

One way the platform provides top security is by Auditing the System. Currently, the platform has one Smart Contract Audit report posted online, showing how the Smart Contract complies efficiently.

The DexMex Smart Contract Auditors are the Blockchain Auditor, one of the Best Auditors in the Crypto Sphere. According to the report, DexMex is highly compliant and has achieved maximum usability. Providing the audit report helps bolster investors' trust.

Another way the platform assures investment security is by implanting the token burning mechanism, which helps ensure the Token is deflationary in the long term.

Additionally, of the transaction fee charged, 0.2% is added to the platform's treasury. This treasury fund's role is to act as security to investors in the project's failure. DEXM will be refunded for their losses using the treasury funds.

There is Confidential Trading where you do not need to be verified to trade. Therefore your details can remain highly confidential and your investments highly secure.



A look at the Dexmex platform shows how unique this project is. This project's vitality depends on its ability to help in the P2P exchanging of ERC-20 Tokens, a service lacking in crypto.

Moreover, the platform fosters top efficiency, usability, and convenience by implanting an intuitive UI and the DEXM Token. Therefore, it's time for investors to try out this Platform for Peer-to-Peer Leveraged Trading.



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Source: DexMex (DEXM)

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