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Daily Contest - 100 1UP Contest by Chriss #1

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 18 May 2020

Hello everyone!

During all this week I'm organizing a little game on Uptrennd, you're all welcome.

You can register here, if you don't have an Uptrennd account yet.

Every day of this week a new contest, with 100 1UP to win each day.



"Hello, Uptrenndians!

I would like to propose you a game called "Daily Contest - 100 1UP Contest by Chriss".

Each day I will post a random topic, and the next day I will offer 100 1UP to a random person who will have posted a comment, or answered the question.

I will do this for 1 week, and then you will tell me if you want me to continue this game.

To be fair, I will use WheelOfFame to draw the winner.

The rules are simple:

  • You must follow me (so you don't miss the next Contest).
  • Only those who right answer will be eligible.
  • The 100 1UP will be sent the next day, after the draw.


Welcome to the Daily Contest - 100 1UP Contest by Chriss #1.




Do you know the difference between Causality and Correlation?


Correlation is the fact of having two or more events that seem to be related.

Causality is when one event (a cause) leads to another (an effect).


Let's give some examples:

  • I heat my pan of water (cause), it will then generate steam (effect) → Causality
  • In summer the sale of ice increases, but also sunburn. Does this mean that the sale of ice increases the risk of sunburn? → Correlation


  • It's raining, so the ground is wet → Causality
  • If it rains the ground is wet, if the ground is wet the cars drive slower, if I drive slower I will be late for work because it's the rain's fault ... Causality or Correlation?


  • When Nicolas Cage appears in the cinema (USA) the number of drownings increases! → Correlation, N. Cage only plays in Blockbusters, these are coming out in the summer, in the summer more people are swimming ! So more drowning than the rest of the year - HAHA
  • Bees produce more honey when arrests of cannabis smokers go down. ... Correlation or Causality? ... Neither, it's pure coincidence.
  • The increase in the average temperature, and the decrease in pirates at sea. Should we deduce that the increase in temperature over the centuries has precipitated the disappearance of sea pirates? → Correlation
  • During Jon Bon Jovi's concerts, we see an increase in shark attacks on humans! → CORRELATION haha. Jon Bon Jovi plays his concerts in summer, in summer there are more surfers and people in the sea, so more shark attacks . LOL
  • I committed murder, I get arrested, and I go to jail! → Causality


There are millions of other correlations!

  • The younger Miss America is, the fewer murders...
  • The fewer divorces we get, the less margarine we eat...
  • The more governments invest in science, the more suicides increase.


That's the question of the day! What do you think is the most dangerous place in the world?

I'm talking about correlation, not causality - think hard :)


And good luck, those who find the answer will be drawn tomorrow to win 100 1UP.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for Causalities or Correlations."

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