Rising Star - Free Play2Earn Game - Weekly Update - More cards and chasing higher rewards

I've been playing play2earn games as part of my low cost crypto accumulation strategy.  The game I'm enjoying the most is Rising Star.  Its a music/band based card game - where you collect cards (band members, instruments, etc) and do missions (gigs, music lessons, festivals, etc).  The game is built on the Hive blockchain.  You can start playing without any investment, and start earning straight away.


11th Jan Weekly Update

I'm into my third month of playing the game, and things are really getting more interesting.  My ability to earn Starbits has improved quite a lot to the point where I can buy a decent-ish new card every day or two (when I say decent, these are still cheap cards).  The new cards I've gained over the last week are:


 - The pizza slices allow me to refill me energy (to full) and can be used once every 24 hours (I now have 4),

 - The pizza box can be used to store a pizza slice for refilling energy when I find one during a mission, 

 - R121 Benson is a cheapish card that gives 50 extra fans, and critically 175 extra skill.  The extra skill comes in really handy while trying to combat the issues of ego, which is a problem the higher the number of fans you have - so I'm finding that this is a good card as it provides a lot more skill than fans, but can also be found for sale fairly cheaply (I'm using Tribaldex for purchasing cards) - so I bought two in the week !


These cards have made a huge difference:

 - I can now do many more missions each day due to the energy refills, 

 - I am getting more starbits per mission, due to the extra fans, 

 - I can now do some higher level missions more regularly because of the extra fans, 

 - On the days that I bought Benson, I didnt have to do extra music lessons, due to the skill boosts I was getting from the cards.

Its also worth noting that I spent 36,700 starbits on those cards.  At todays exchange rate ($0.00016/starbit), that equates to $5.87 of cards, but I earned all of those starbits from the game over that period (also noting that I think I won a giveaway which also helped).  That is a decent amount to earn from the game over the week (well its really 8 days) - noting that my total earnings over Dec were only $5.28, so things are really starting to change, now that my earnings and card collection are growing more rapidly.

So this is pretty good progress over the week - at the same time I'm learning more about the game which is allowing me to be more strategic about how I play it and for which cards I buy - so thats also helping.  


So taking this all into account my plan for the coming week is:

 - To continue to increase my fans through card purchases (say by another 200 atleast) - which allows me to do better missions, and also gain more starbits per mission, 

 - Probably buy 1-2 more pizza slices, and 1-2 more pizza boxes - although these last two days I have to say that I've not struggled for energy, however I was lucky with free pizza slice drops from missions, and I'd like to remove the dependency on needing free drops - which these extra cards should provide.

If I can achieve this (which is quite likely), then my earning potential will increase, and I'll be on a much better footing for continued growth - wish me luck !

Credits: All pics used are from screen prints from within the game


Rising Star - free play2earn crypto game - music and band based card game on the Hive Blockchain - its fun !


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Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget
Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget

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