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The Grey Gold - How Billions in Lost Investment Could be Regained

By Zodiac Senator | Crypto above 50 | 6 Jan 2020

There has been a decade long neglect going that is costing the Crypto community billions in lost investments.


Ever since its inception, the CryptoCurrency space has not been very friendly to people of and over a certain age. Some might say rude and others  might say outright hostile, but nonetheless, the problem still exists. 

I have written about this issue earlier and will continue to. Read my other work if you wanna know more. 

I do see some youngsters getting a few laughs on our behalf, so what could be the motivation to stop their immature mocking and hateful rhetoric?





Despite the "fresh" attitude of the young, the older generations still control most of the wealth in society. That same wealth they want us to invest in their tokens. 

From a business perspective, you could say that CryptoCurrencies are missing out on the largest marked available. 

Can you even imagine what the price of Bitcoin would be if "The crypto crowd" was not downright nasty toward the biggest and most lucrative group of potential customer - At least $100.000!

What can be done to fix this situation?


I will not be presenting a detailed plan here for now, but if the situation continues to escalate, it might become necessary, but an outline would include 2 very important parts:

1. Shift in attitude - You can not retain any good relations, especially investment/customer relations while open mockery and ridiculing takes place. Everyone involved in CryptoCurrency must take a look in the mirror and ask themselves "How do I wanna be treated in 30-50 years?" and I think many will realize their errors. 

2. Outreach - Any good salesman or business knows that they need to speak their customers language to connect with them. And meet them where they are. Not on these "Exchanges" that could give anyone a seizure just by looking at them for 5 minutes. 

For example: Why havent there been put any effort into a Bitcoin/Excel integration? If I had been able to purchase Bitcoin from my Excel, I would not have been forced to learn an entirely new program from the beginning. At least the Coinbase Program that I chose have not been hacked yet, so for now I only had to learn 1 new program. But many others were not so lucky. 

Having spent 20 years learning programs like Excel, Email and Explorer, it is a large barrier to overcome, especially mentally, being asked to learn new programs. 

I think we can do better

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Crypto above 50
Crypto above 50

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