All in on Algorand

By 1John1:9 | Crypto 6/2020 New | 6 Sep 2020

Quite a bit of a screeching halt to this "bull run" talk lately, huh? At least any bull action as of the last little bit seems to have dissipated rather abruptly in my opinion.

BUT, while trying to find a coin that still has loads of room for growth, a decent team, low fees and staking if possible, I ran into ALGO.

Algorand has low fees of like Nano or Dash, is even faster than say,(again) Nano, stakes like Tezos(rewards given out every 9 minutes last I saw, just be sure to stake directly on Algorand wallet)

I bought in a 61 cents and it's down to 33 cents or so right now so I might have picked the wrong jumping in point but I highly recommend you do research and get into Algorand. 

Hopefully, everyone has a wonderful day.

God bless.




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Here to read and earn crypto. New to crypto. Will share good articles. Ambassador thing sounds intriguing

Crypto 6/2020 New
Crypto 6/2020 New

Pretty new to crypto, not a total newbie but still only been involved about 1 month and this will track my journey through this space

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