Top Crypto Job Sites — How to Find Work and Be Paid in Crypto

By pheonixdown-dee | Crypto 101 | 11 May 2021

Cryptocurrency is booming and there are a variety of crypto jobs on offer across this vibrant industry.

If you’ve ever considered a career in crypto, this is the time to get in. What was once a niche — a field for tech and finance nerds — is opening up in a big way. 

Institutional buy-ins, big investor names, and the most recent bull run (which is still not over according to some analysts) show that no matter the coin price, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain are not disappearing anytime soon. 

In addition to offering an exciting job in a growing industry, crypto jobs are also where the money is. Many even pay above the market rates. This is because of the need for skilled people who can give a business the competitive edge they need. 

For those looking to change careers and enter the crypto space, the question is how to go about it. 

Below I've rounded up the best crypto jobs and blockchain career sites to make the search a little easier. Rather than listing general job boards or sites, these are catered especially to cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs. 


Top Crypto Job Sites 




Crypto Jobs

This easy-to-use website allows you to apply for positions listed by employers in this space. You simply have to sign-up and upload your resume. Filter jobs to your specifications, such as location, remote, or skills. There is also the option to scroll through the featured positions on its homepage. 

It also has a newsletter that sends through jobs as soon as they’re posted so you can get in early and apply. 





The newest crypto job website out of all of them, but there is always new job listings and also some more high level / certain skillsets listed. Created by Anthony Pompliano, this is a great website to find and apply for roles if you are more established in your career, as they have some of the biggest crypto companies posting jobs.

Again, you can sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date with the latest job vacancies. 





Crypto Jobs List 

The system is a search engine for crypto-related jobs. It is quite intuitive with the tracker identifying your location and refining searches to your area. You can broaden these or search for remote jobs if you wish. 

You need to login and search for your preferred role and should you find one you like the portal directs you to a page with more information and the process of application. The site is also great because it offers case studies on past applicants so you can see what the process and experiences are like. 





CryptoRecruit is an easy interface that lets you browse crypto jobs by specialization and keywords. 

Much more like a traditional job board than the rest, this site offers mostly full-time jobs which are pinned to a specific location. The only downside is that the location options are pretty limited, with no African countries listed.




Cryptocurrency Jobs 

Cryptocurrency Jobs is another clean, job listing website. You can filter by specialization, search a keyword and choose between a location or remote offering. 

The site also tells you when the job got listed, which is helpful as companies often list and hire without removing all their postings. This can be frustrating if you’re spending time putting together an impressive application. 

It also sends out email alerts that will tell you about new postings in your field so you can get in an early application. 





Last but by no means least is Crypto-Careers. You can find numerous jobs here ranging from large companies to new innovative startups. You don't even have to log in or create a profile for most of the jobs. 


Other Options 

While these are all specialized sites, there are some big job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed and Angel that can also good for crypto job listings.

They will require searching for specific key terms though, as they are not already crypto-focused. On top of that, if you are very interested in a specific project, you should visit their website as they could also be advertising their job openings on their main website.


Please note that not all jobs pay in crypto and I would advise you check into what the payment structure will be like.


Are there any other websites I have missed out? There are more, but I find that these are by far the most active, I have also had responses from these websites after applying for roles. 

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