Passive income: EOS now available for customizable locked lending!

Passive income: EOS now available for customizable locked lending!

By d-erf | Cryptips | 10 Apr 2020

Hello all!

I've reported a few days ago the new option in Binance lending feature: customizable locked lending.

This feature has been today extended to EOS crypto!  :








So now, as part of eachone's strategy, passive income generated by this lending feature is interesting, particularly when hodling after krach!

So yes, your hodling EOS and other cryptos like BTC which can't normally generate itself interests, can generate passive income, waiting for the market to go back the sky!

Hope it helps, follow me for more news, especially in passive income generation!

Thanks for all supporting me with tipping! It helps me continuing finding great stuff for all!



See you!!

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