Examining dent wireless token earning: too baaaaadddd!

Examining dent wireless token earning: too baaaaadddd!

By d-erf | Cryptips | 26 Aug 2020

Hello all, hope you're well!

Today i've done my own research on dent wireless.

Note my point of view here is purely from an earner view.

I've seen referrals shares from people for using this app, rewarding in dent tokens, and as i'm always in the research of make my devices and server unused bandwidth a profit, i wanted to see if business opportunities were here.


No value for me to copy and paste or reformulate what i could have read to do my own opinion, i share with you the links:








- I still have questions about responsability / legal about what is being made with my data?

- This seems to be interesting for developping countries, but we all now big tel scams are made through some of these countries, what if now scammers can call using your identity to manipulate someone's mind to get cash?

- On the earner's point of view, there is no way to cash out app earned DENTs, from their FAQ:

IMPORTANT: If you send DENTs to this account, you can only buy data with those DENTs, there is no withdrawal or return of those DENTs back to you at this stage. ONLY SEND AS MUCH DENT AS YOU WANT TO BUY DATA WITH.


So for me, as i don't especially need their service as a user, no use case for me and everyone as an earner.


This is my personal conclusion, maybe you have another view or/and complementary elements?


Thanks for reading, hope it helps, thanks in advance if you feel tippy for me!


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See you all!


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