Binance loans launched

Binance loans launched

By d-erf | Cryptips | 1 Apr 2020



Someting new, part of like diversification strategy or trading position taking, i want to present you guys.


Although at the beginning i didn't like its interface, i'm obliged to admit Binance platform has a complete offer.


Binance develops regularly new features.


I've already blogged on some of their lending features, to generate passive income here


Binance has launched today a new loans section.


Limited for now to borrowing USDT and BUSD, at 0.0224 - 0.0244% per day, see the loanable assets view:




And the collateral assets and conditions:




New loan form:




First point of attention would be the collateral management, wanting like in margin trading to have to keep collateral to garantee loan, and keeping attention to not to be liquidated.


First use case would be like margin, like set bigger positions while paying like rollover fees, but with control and time spent managing it manually.


Second case to me would be to see for "sure bets" opportunities, enterely on Binance or corss-platform: i borrow at 8% but i lend at 15% (15% 30 days lending 3 weeks ago on that same platform). Depending on your collateral, it could present in the future opportunities to make quick percents with your coins!



Hoping Binance will increase borrowable assets as collateral assets.

Hoping that helps.


Have a nice day folks!


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