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Top 10 Tasks to Earn

By TheNiftyRevolution | CrypticPedia | 19 Jul 2022

Want to Make Extra Money? Whether you are staying at home with the kids, are retired, disabled, or just need some extra cash in addition to your full-time job — you can work online doing online tasks on a variety of websites. Making money by doing simple online tasks is now possible with the increase of people seeking assistance through the internet

  1. TimeBucks
  • TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn real money for doing jobs and activities that you currently undertake on a daily basis
  • You can make money by doing surveys, viewing movies, voting, installing free apps, playing games, taking pictures, growing a beard, performing web searches, and many other activities
  • TimeBucks is distinct from other reward sites in that they pay in cash rather than gift cards, as well TimeBucks is free to join, and there is also a referral program where you may earn money for introducing your friends
  • They also pay weekly via PayPal with a cheap $10 minimum payout, TimeBucks provides you with your own specialized account manager to assist you in earning as much money as possible

2. BTCBux

  • BTCBux is the most profitable Bitcoin reward network, offering users numerous methods to earn free Bitcoin, such as viewing ads, completing tasks, playing games, watching movies, and so on
  • To earn with BTCBux you only need to register an account on BTCBux and complete the tasks they provide on the website

3. Cointiply

  • Cointiply is a Bitcoin rewards network of the future
  • Users can earn free Bitcoin by interacting with others and completing tasks
  • Cointiply, like most GPT sites, offers a variety of opportunities to make tiny sums of money through completing surveys, installing apps, viewing movies, and even simply chatting on the site
  • The sole prerequisite is that you have a Bitcoin or DOGE address to which you can make money

4. CoinPayU

  • CoinPayU is a PTC platform that they highly recommend, It’s truly fantastic
  • You only need to sign up for CoinPayU to start earning Bitcoins while watching advertisements
  • You may also easily build your own advertisements and promote your favourite website
  • The site is really well-designed, with an easy-to-use user interface and a contemporary appearance

5. Satoshi Hero

  • Satoshi Hero began in 2016 as a Bitcoin faucet with a user-friendly and attractive website design
  • The best aspect is that you just need to sign up for one site and use the same account for both
  • The accumulated earning balance will also be counted as one, which means that if you use two websites, you will reach the withdrawal amount faster
  • The best thing to know is that there is no overabundance of advertisements, which improves the user experience

6. Coinbase

  • Coinbase, one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, has a fantastic learn-to-earn crypto program to earn that free crypto
  • To participate, create a Coinbase account, navigate to LEARN tab, watch videos, answer quiz questions and earn from the programs you learn about in the form of airdrops or free NFTs


  • is a social networking platform where users can earn Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) for uploading short and long-form material
  • Anyone can register and contribute content on any topic that interests them, such as personal status updates, daily activities, cryptocurrency, and so on
  • You are welcome to discuss anything you want with the rest of the world on, and earn BCH as a result

8. Presearch

  • It is a blockchain-powered community-powered search engine
  • This essentially means that it is run by Presearch users’ nodes
  • However, you must register an account in order to collect $PRE tokens
  • The Presearch browser extension allows you to use Presearch directly from the address bar
  • You can withdraw after collecting 1000 $PRE tokens, which you can see on the account page

9. Brave Rewards

  • You may Earn and Give anonymously with Brave Rewards
  • You can use Brave Rewards to allow Ads to earn anonymously and get paid for your attention, and then use the earnings to pay Creators anonymously for their Content
  • If you use an Uphold wallet to make donations, any payments made to a Creator are visible to Uphold as your bank and are no longer anonymous

10. LunrCrush

  • LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform for cryptocurrency investors
  • They help you understand cryptocurrency movements in greater detail than ever before by analyzing data from across a growing list of social channels to uncover valuable insights you can use to make confident, data-driven trading decisions
  • In a world where there are millions of pieces of crypto-specific content created a day, LunarCrush helps identify value in the crypto markets
  • You can utilize your FREE LunarCrush account in a variety of ways:
    - Discover the activity that drives the cryptocurrency market using 25+ social and market measures
    - Determine which crypto personalities are the most influential in real-time and over time

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