Turning my Old Computer Into a Miner

This is my first post on what I hope to be a short series of posts about converting my old Dell 360 Optiplex into a miner.

This is my attempt to get my feet wet in the mining world with out breaking the bank.  I had already played around a little with my laptop so I have some familiarity with getting the software running but as you probably know mining with a laptop is a total waste of time.  After getting it running I calculated that it would earn around $0.05 per month - before electricity costs and the eventual house fire that it would cause.  Hahahaha.

But I learned a lot and we all know, knowledge is power, so it wasn't a total waste of time.

But that got me thinking about the old Dell 360 Optiplex desktop I had sitting around in the closet.  Could that be used to mine?


The answer to that is yes and no. 

In its current configuration, no.  Its old graphics card is worthless and CPU mining is pretty much a waste of time and energy too.

But I decided to check into what it would take to turn it into a profitable miner.  Turns out this old tower has most of what I will need to get started.  Everything on it works - the motherboard, the memory, the hard drive, wifi adapter, and the case should all be fine as is.  I had already ditched Windows for a Linux operating system some time ago which made the old girl a decent workstation and will probably keep the current OS for now.

The most important thing is that it has a PCI-e slot that should accept a modern graphics card.  I'm a little worried about the existing integrated graphics and if it will cause conflicts, but that is hurdle I will have to jump when I get there. 

So next I started doing some research on graphics cards and profitability.  There are tons of options out there ranging from $2000 cards to $50 cards.  Since I'm trying to go low cost the $2000 cards are out of the question.

After doing a little research, I settled on the MSI Radeon RX 570. 



Based on Betterhash it has a profitability of nearly $30 per month on their network (not sure which pool I will use, but I do like their site for comparison purposes).  This card is going for around $160 on Amazon, but sticking with my as cheap as possible plan, I found a used one on Ebay for just $115 including shipping.  This card doesn't have a crazy power demand so I'm hoping I can use the existing power supply in the computer too.  We will see.

So that is where I'm at right now.  Waiting on the card to arrive.  While I wait on that I will explore my options for mining software.  If you have any suggestions or comments drop me a comment below.  I'll post again once I get the card installed on how that went.

Wish me luck and follow me for more updates!  And don't forget to tip, this card isn't going to pay for itself.  Or will it? Time will tell.

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