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#TradeWithBityard : Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

By Jane1289 | Crypthusiast | 4 Dec 2020

Among all the cryptocurrency trading platforms that I've tried, Bityard so far is the best. Many beginners find other platforms very complex, but Bityard offers an easy to understand system and simplified trading experience. It is ideally fitted for newcomers and just seeing its user interface is enough reason for a newbie to find his way around Bityard much convenient and faster. 

What is Bityard?

Bityard was founded in Singapore in 2019, Asia's and the World's leading cryptocurrency contract exchange platform, with the principle of “Complex Contracts Simple Trade”.

Bityard with its leverage trading has eliminated the complexity out of contracts and made cryptocurrency contract trading as simple as possible.

Why choose Bityard?

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As stated on its slogan, SAFE.EASY.FAST. aims to make crypto derivatives trading.



For practical crypto traders, it gives a peace of mind and assurance knowing that the exchange is fully compliant and regulated with international laws. It is regulated by the American Money Services Businesses, Singaporean Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and the MTR of Estonia for the European Union.


Bityard also has multiple "cold storage" offline wallets, which means the funds are safe from hackers and cannot be accessed from the internet. It also has two authentication factors once you bind your mobile number and email address. That means whenever you log in to your account, you will be notified through text message or email, so hackers won't easily be able to access your account. And your funds are secured by setting up a security pin to prevent unauthorized withdrawals.



Registration is very easy, you just need an email address and your mobile number. You can become a Bityard user just within 30 seconds. After activating your account, you are eligible to receive 6 BYD right away and start trading and mining. Additionally, you will receive beginner reward worth $4 once you set your username, bind your mobile number or email address, and conduct a demo trade at least once, and up to $258 trading bonuses once you surpass the given trading volume. And these beginner rewards and trading bonuses can be used to deduct trading margin fees.

  • User-Friendly Contract Trading Interface

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Bityard curbed the user interface to all essential and convenient functions, allowing beginners to easily enter into the world of crypto derivatives.

The trading tools and charts are easy to navigate and understand. It also allows you to assess your trades with multiple screens while keeping its great accuracy. You can plot technical analysis trend lines, spot long positions, and view multiple detailed timeframes. A thoughtful layout is also available to shift feature which enables you to choose the exchange background color according to your preferences.



Bityard has the fastest transaction matching engine in the crypto industry. It can match 1 million contract transactions per second and can run stably and reliably under massive transactions. Whether the order is pending or canceled, the system delay is reasonably better than BitMEX, acquiring outstanding speed and reliability, and allowing the platform to have adequate market depth and liquidity for transactions.


In terms of deposits, Bityard offers a wide variety of deposit options than any other crypto derivatives exchange. Apart from deposits via fiat currency (Chinese CNY, the Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian rupiah), major cryptocurrencies are also available for the deposit such as USDT, BTC, ETH, TRX, XRP, XT, and LINK, and EOS.

Furthermore, Bityard also offers low trading fees for over-the-counter services purchasing USDT aimed at both new traders and institutions. Depositing your idle cryptocurrency is very quick and only requires fewer confirmations than other rivaling exchanges, which allows you to react shortly to developing market situations.


Bityard currently provides perpetual digital currency contract. Margin trading on Bityard with its high-end selection of digital assets is simplified like everything else distilling it down to the essence. Bityard offers 5x up to 50x leverage trading.

Additionally, Bityard has the significant advantage of constant liquidity and zero spread-based fees and is open for leverage trading. It supports 7 days/24 hours non-stop transactions and can cover traders in all time zones around the world.

Bityard also offers DEMO TRADING for beginners with a 100,000 available fund. And best of all, it allows users start trading with ONLY 5 USDT.



Bityard offers its users the opportunity to get BYD, the platform's native token, on its daily mining program together with other crypto that allows users to earn additional income.


Why hold BYD token?

BYD is the platform's native digital asset token. It is ERC-20 based (Ethereum blockchain), which means that it is secure in your ERC-20 standard wallet. You can also use the BYD token to pay for the platform's transaction fees such as in trading.



Bityard offers its KOL partners a commission of up to 60%. Each of them receives incentives per day depending on the number of users they bring to the site, only “valid users” will be rewarded.

To know more about Bityard, you can visit this link and register to start your trading journey and earn through mining and inviting.


  • Fast trasaction matching engine

  • Secured and trustworthy

  • Multiple Cold Storage wallet
  • Easy to navigate trading system

  • Low trading threshold of $5

  • Leverage trading of 5x to 50x

  • No liquidition
  • Supports 24x7 non-stop transactions and covers traders in all time zone around the world

  • Demo trading for beginners

  • Free mining and BYD token

  • Supports major cryptocurrencies and OTC fiat currencies

  • Wide variety of deposit options including some Fiat currencies

  • Offers its users beginner rewards and trading bonuses with some promotions and contest for additional income

  • Affiliate commissions up to 60%


Bityard is very new so there are things that are still needed to be improved.

  • The chart is not the most advanced one which doesn't have that much technical indicators and tools. Perhaps this is due to its user-friendly features to easily navigate by the newcomers.

  • When it comes to deposit, they only support some major cryptocurrencies. It would be great to have more funding options just like fiat currencies such as USD or EUR.

  • For the withdrawals, they should have other assets aside from USDT.

  • For the security, it would be better if they will also set up Google Authenticator apart from two-factor authentication. In this way, the account would be more secured from unauthorized access.



Bityard is an exciting cryptocurrency contract exchange giving both newcomers and professional traders the best of advanced and user-friendly margin trading platforms, thus, removes the “hurdle” of entry. Bityard’s forward perpetual contract products with USDT as margin are more complete in functions, easy to navigate and lower thresholds for as low as $5. And lastly, it supports major digital currencies and over-the-counter fiat currency replenishment assured by the platform.

Through its user-friendly leverage trading, reasonable asset coverage and high support, it is indeed recommended to any NOOB to try Bityard (for as long as you know the basics in trading and understand the market's technical analysis), for sure you will find it an easy and most intuitive trading platform for contracts in the market. Bityard is a good training ground for newcomers using its demo feature and simplified trading system.




Thanks for reading 😉 @Jane

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