Here's Why Bitcoin Cash Will Make A Giant Leap Sooner Or Later And Why You Should Save More BCH

Here's Why Bitcoin Cash Will Make A Giant Leap Sooner Or Later And Why You Should Save More BCH

By Jane1289 | Crypthusiast | 11 Apr 2021


Bitcoin Cash is still undervalued by Bitcoin maxims even up to this moment. But among the forks of Bitcoin, no one can disagree that Bitcoin Cash is the best. If you will compare it to Bitcoin, there are a lot of differences and advantages that made Bitcoin Cash outperformed its predecessor. And many crypto enthusiasts consider that BCH has a higher value with a lower price, but offers a long-term investment opportunity.

Although there are cryptocurrencies that pop out in the market with lower transaction fees and faster transaction speed, however, BCH has its unique features and advantages in comparison to the world's most valuable crypto. After hearing the debate between Kim Dotcom and BTC maxims, I just started to think, why these people can't see the benefits of BCH?

Why did Kim Dotcom shift to Bitcoin Cash?

Kim Dotcom has been a supporter of Bitcoin. He wanted to develop his project using a Bitcoin solution, but then in their testing environment and developing and trying to implement lightning and liquid for a long period, it just did not work because of some issues like scalability. But with Bitcoin Cash, all his testing works very well.

These BTC maxims just need to look at the bigger picture not at the current price or anything. Bitcoin has a vulnerability that increases the risks of double-spending, no wonder why some hackers have able to launder thousands worth of BTC tokens before. And this vulnerability has been fixed by BCH which makes it a more secure payment method.

Moreover, the blockchain scalability of BCH which currently has 32x with no limit is one of its advantages, and if you will imagine it, it can handle a transaction volume that Paypal can do.

And why many believers remain in the BCH community and more and more people are joining the BCH revolution? Because BCH is preserving the peer-to-peer system in which Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, really wanted to implement in this world.

Unfortunately, many bugs in the crypto space do not want the peer-to-peer system to succeed because they are afraid of the potential capability of the system that might outperform their ideal crypto. However, many advocates and experts, as well as its development team believed in the vision of Bitcoin Cash, and that they won't allow BTC to stay longer on top while enjoying its advantage of being the first crypto in the world, which is one of the reasons why its supporters are ignoring what BTC is lacking and its negative side.

Anyhow, BCH is born not to become an investment vehicle but global money.

BTC may be on top today, but let's just put on more patience, because, from this month onwards, Bitcoin Cash will rock the crypto space.

And here's why Bitcoin Cash will have a bigger leap to the moon sooner or later.

First off..

1. Bitcoin Cash-Powered Onlycoins


By the way, this platform is an adult-centered site and not safe for young people, 🤭 if you will open the app of Onlycoins, and if you have heard about Pornhub which is a crypto-powered platform as well, you will know what I am talking about. But how will this platform help in BCH mass adoption? Obviously, this platform is using BCH to unlock or pay for the content of the users. And that is a driven factor to get a lot of spending and demand and will spur a lot of transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network.

Moreover, the platform offers a lower cut of only 10% compared to its rivals which take up to 40%. So anyone who is visiting these kinds of adult-centered sites will definitely choose the platform with a lower cut, and members of Onlycoins are paid directly using BCH. And this a good bullish sign for a more future uptrend.

The next one is.

2. Paypal Accepting Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Cash, And Other Crypto


Just recently, Paypal announced that they are already accepting selected cryptocurrencies for payments with a lot of merchants. Paypal is an online payment platform that is used by around 29 million merchants and with their new cryptocurrency payment service, called Checkout with Crypto, it will drive more transactions in these selected cryptocurrencies network. It will work by converting the preferred crypto into fiat currency, which is what the merchant will receive.

The main cryptocurrencies supported by Paypal are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, and among these cryptocurrencies, which do you think will gonna be used by users for spending? The good thing here is, we will gonna be seeing more usage in Bitcoin Cash since a lot of users will practically choose BCH over BTC, and most especially over ETH And LTC may have lower fees as well, but bigger blocks of BCH can accommodate more transactions than LTC.

The next one is the latest news about BCH payment and more interesting, and which we need to take into account.

3. First Hosted Noncustodial Payment Processor For Bitcoin Cash Payments


Developers had just launched a first hosted non-custodial payment processor for BCH payment called The main developer of the project is a well-known programmer Ekliptor, with 16+ years of coding experience and has been working with BCH for years now. non-custodial processor works like Software-as-a-Service, not a bank, and definitely far better than custodial processors which still need KYC paperwork. This means that, merchants own the money they receive and that they can withdraw into their own wallet. has been live for a month and currently has 50 merchants.

This is another good bullish sign as we are expecting more payment transactions with Bitcoin Cash. And with good developer support behind it, it will gonna create a lot more usage, exposure, and demand, which will increase the price of BCH shortly. The more transactions we have here, the more it will drive BCH prices higher.

And lastly, the latest news that will gonna rock the crypto space sooner or later..

4. Smart Bitcoin Cash Project With Innovative Sidechain


Bitcoin Cash just introduced a unique Ethereum and Web3 compatible sidechain. This means that we will be expecting more decentralized apps (dApps) soon and people would love it as they don't need to pay lots of money for the fees. This will also allow many developers/builders to create a new playground for Bitcoin Cash's ecosystem that will enlarge the user base.

According to their site, their five tools are greatly beneficial to the sidechain's ecosystem.

  • MoeingADS: uses a single-layer architecture for accessing the file system without the use of other databases which can also replace Ethereum's MPT as an authenticated data structure.

  • MoeingEVM: a parallelized execution engine that is capable of managing multiple EVM contexts and executing multiple transactions. 

  • MoeingDB: is used for storing blockchain history and created with blockchain's characteristics in mind which suita blockchain workload best.

  • MoeingKV: a KV storage that is much faster than LevelDB and produces trade-offs and optimizations to speed up normal read and write operations.

  • MoeingAOT: can collate regularly used EVM bytecode into native code, which would be saved as a dynamically linked library.

Aside from these five tools, SmartBCH will also offer:


I am hoping to see a DeFi Yield Farming platform on the SmartBCH chain, if that happens, BCH will rock the DeFi space and might outperform ETH and BSC.

With these new projects of Bitcoin Cash, there will be more demand and we will expect more transactions in the BCH network.

Aside from that, Juungle now has other types of BCH-based NFTs which means that more users are minting more NFTs on the BCH chain. The more NFT minted on the BCH chain, the more transactions on the BCH network.

And mass adoption using and continued to onboard more BCH users. There are thousands of users signing up on every day which also brings more users to

As more merchants adopt BCH as a form of payment, and as more builders and developers use the BCH chain, there will be more and more projects that will be out in the crypto space sooner or later. And the higher the transaction volume on the BCH network, the higher the price of BCH will be.

And what's good with Bitcoin Cash? BCH gives us full sovereign control over our money which we can access anywhere in the world, it's not only permissionless but also borderless. And do you know that its fixed supply will not be more than 21 million? Thus, it represents sound money. Additionally, Bitcoin Cash offers different levels of privacy and operates anonymously than the traditional payment system.

So what else do we need to add here to prove to the world that Bitcoin Cash is the best? Just HODL your BCH and be ready for the next surprises.

And by the way, BCH is currently making a big leap and will be followed soon with a giant leap.


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