General Blockchain Inc. a.k.a. Microwork

General Blockchain Inc. a.k.a. Microwork

By Jane1289 | Crypthosiast | 21 Oct 2020

This is my second time to tackle about Microwork. I intentionally made this article for the newbies and I know, some users here in ReadCash are already earning in this platform. This platform for me is the best crypto project so far. They are also available through mobile apps where you can easily do their tasks, earn a few dollars in one day and withdraw your earnings in a form of Ethereum.

So let's tackle this Microwork.

General Blockchain Inc. which is also referred as Microwork is a company registered in Delaware, the USA with registration number 3812333 and there registered office at 553 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA, 95112, USA.

What is their product?


They create datasets and APIs to train machine intelligence's using intellectual services provided using human computation and human-machine interfaces. Their platform enables the users to choose a task and take photos by the task requirements and contribute them to the platform. They operate as an intermediate service between entities, who buy the datasets, and users, who create them by taking and uploading photos. The platform will then reward the users for their contributions by the terms, set out for each particular task.

Wallet means a wallet created automatically for every user. All rewards, belonging to the users for their contributions, are recorded in the wallet, and transactions history (deposits and withdrawals) can also be seen. Funds, recorded in the wallet belonging to the platform, and therefore, they do not provide wallet or custodial services. The user can acquire or receive the funds by requesting a transfer (withdrawal) from the platform to the user. Only rewards, provided by the users to the platform are recorded in the wallet. Withdrawals from the wallet are only possible in Ether cryptocurrency.

What does the platform do?

The platform is doing like image annotation. Image annotation is a process where images/videos are marked and labelled to understand their contents. This is particularly useful in training computers to understand and recognize images as humans do. The platform is doing image annotations for industries such as agriculture, fashion, retail, litter, and covid-19.

Everyone can participate by taking and uploading photos by the requirements of the task and contribute it to the platform to earn a few dollars per photo.

How does it work?

The app looks like this.


They have two tasks: Photo Task and Survey Task.

You can see from your dashboards all available tasks at the moment. As of now, the task is about taking photos of logos and brands. The tasks usually have the duration and it will expire after the given date.

For example this Fortune 500 Logos task.


Inside this task are the 20 different logos that you need to take photos. Currently, the logos that they are looking are from Citi, Target, The Home Depot, Comcast, Adobe, Eli Lilly, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan & Chase, Oracle, and more.

This Adobe Logo under the Fortune 500 Logos task.


It has 3 available tasks and will end on October 31. Each photo is worth $0.05 and you can submit 2 photos per task. Therefore, you can earn up to $0.30 in just one Logo task.

Each photo task has its requirements that you need to follow.


The reasons for rejections are also stated as well as the data rights and usage and some example photos.


The amount per task depends on the kind of task. This Brit (pet food brand) photo task for example has $0.10 per photo.


Once you have uploaded the given tasks, you can check the status of the photos by clicking the 'Photo Statistics' section which you can find on your dashboard. The approved, rejected, and pending photos can be seen there as well as your earnings within the day, week, month, or year. The team usually review the submitted photos within 24 hours, but it is often faster like after a few hours from submission.


To withdraw your earnings, you need to supply a valid Eth address on your wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount here is only $1, so easy right? Here is my proof of withdrawal from Microwork.


My last withdrawal was yesterday. I started using this app last month of June, but I stopped because I focused on ReadCash. 😊 Then the last time I checked my account, I still have a balance there so I continued taking and uploading photos because I saw the tasks are just so easy. The last tasks I have participated was about household utensils and stuff which you can only be found at home and the litter task which you can find on the garbage bins and streets.

I used my Eth wallet in receiving my earnings from Microwork, and here is the total earnings I have received as of the moment.


The app won't make you rich in a day, but it is legit and the best free earning app so far using crypto blockchain. And I believe that you can get additional profit once the Ethereum price goes up.

You can install your app using these links:
For Android

Written by:@Jane

All images are screenshots from my Microwork app


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