Crypto News of the day (6.8.) | Bitcoin has maintained $ 11,500 and continues to rise • Ethereum Classic suffered another 51% attack • and other news

By cryptheory | cryptheory | 6 Aug 2020


Yesterday was an interesting day in the stock, precious metals and cryptocurrency markets, with Nasdaq and gold reaching new all-time highs, silver nearing an eight-year high and Bitcoin up 4% against the USD, breaking $ 11,750. The Nasdaq broke the 11,000-point mark, the new all-time high (ATH). According to the CryptoCompare Index, Bitcoin broke the $ 11,750 mark on August 5, reaching an intraday high of $ 11,757. Bitcoin thus maintained a critical level of USD 11,500. Crypto markets are now in a mood of extreme greed, with the Fear & Greed index reaching 79 points.


Bitcoin whales bought during the price drop and now do not plan to sell

Prior to the turbulent weekend trading, bitcoin balances were approximately 2.49 million BTC ($ 29.2 billion). After that, the amount on the ledger decreased to 2.39 million BTC (USD 28 billion) - the lowest that CryptoQuant has ever recorded. According to popular analyst Cole Garner, the change is another indication that the overall mood among investors is extremely optimistic.

Bitcoin exchange reserves 2-week chart Bitcoin exchange reserves 2-week chart. Source: CryptoQuant

Ethereum Classic suffered another 51% attack

Ethereum Classic suffered a second 51% attack during the week. This incursion again brought attention to network security, although ETC prices remained unchanged at the time of writing.

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Travala is adding another 1 million accommodations to its cryptoplatform

The online accommodation booking platform has added a million new homes to 195 sites in 195 countries thanks to the release of a home booking section called "Homes". Holiday homes and apartments can be booked with more than 30 different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins (BTC), ethers (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and native coins AVA now offers a total of 3 million accommodation options that users can book with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto News of the day (6.8.) | Bitcoin has maintained $ 11,500 and continues to rise • Ethereum Classic suffered another 51% attack • and other news   Source:  

Honeywell created a search engine on a blockchain for aircraft parts data

Honeywell International Inc. has developed a blockchain-based system that solves complex documentation and data storage processes in the aerospace industry. The company announced that its subsidiary GoDirect Trade is integrating the aviation record generation process into its blockchain system. This will allow Honeywell customers to search aicraft components and service data through its interface.

Google's new phishing scam is posing as Uniswap

Google now searches for at least three phishing sites masquerading as the decentralizedexchange Uniswap. A Google search for "Uniswap" resulted in ads for fake websites with the following domains:,, and These phishing sites mimic the original valid site (, and entice users to enter its seed phrases and private keys.

screenshot of phishing site    

NBA Top Shot opens P2P store for collectible tokens

The Dapper Labs team behind CryptoKitties has launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that allows NBA Top Shot players to trade collectable tokens (NFTs).


Coca-Cola launches DeFi testing

A new initiative to reduce technical barriers for Coca-Cola suppliers will allow them to communicate and trade privately on the public blockchain Ethereum. They can also access DeFi applications and token assets. The project is to show its initial results in Q4 2020.


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