How to Use TCAP on Testnet

By Cryptex Finance | Cryptex | 6 May 2021


To ensure you have the best experience possible we have laid out simple steps to follow that will guide you through testnet from beginning to end. The main aspects to test are adding & removing collateral and minting & burning TCAPs!

How to get started:

First, get familiar with Rinkeby testnet in your wallet and acquire test eth by following the steps in this post.

Then, visit from your desktop or laptop and watch the in-depth video tutorial from our CEO Joe.Cryptex!

Lastly, fill out the feedback form. This is critical not only for us to learn about your experience but also for you to get your POAP :)

If you need help with anything along the way, the team is on Discord and happy to help with any questions!

Thank you all so much for joining us on this journey, we truly appreciate you trying out TCAP on testnet!

Update: TCAP is now live - 

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Cryptex Finance

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