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Political Malevolence Boosts Bitcoin

By Fabian Augustus | CryptEquity | 25 Dec 2020

During a pandemic our political leaders have chosen to use the American populace as pawns in their -19political posturing. Those unfortunate souls who depend on the charitable will of said leaders are discovering that their faith was misplaced. For this reason, this article will juxtapose the elation that I feel whenever the Federal Reserve does something that causes the price of Bitcoin and altcoins to pump with the sorrow that anyone with a heart and eyes must experience when stories about miles-long lines of car stretching down the highway are filled with people hoping to receive sustenance from an overwhelmed food bank.


When I published my book “Solutions: Enough complaining. Let’s fix America” in 2018, I was hopeful that it would open people eyes to the fact that voting the lesser of two evils only leads to more evil. In it I sought to point out that neither of the “two” political parties had the American public’s best interest in mind. The warning signs have been there for years, if not decades. As for the Republican party, the facade of representing business (including small business) had long been abandoned as even the racist dog whistles of the Southern Strategy became unnecessary. The American public simply wasn’t paying attention as they continued to vote against their best interests. Now, while I was a lifelong, card-carrying democrat, the insidious nature of the current leadership in America’s democratic party (especially on the federal level) is hair raising. While republican leaders are vile, democratic leaders have transcended this trait because they pretend to represent the people while passing legislation that not only benefits the rich but harms the rest of us in dramatic fashion. No further example need be provided than Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to accept a $2 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief package before the election to deny Trump from putting his name on the $1200 dollar checks contained within that legislative care package. While I don’t deny how terribly Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and the republicans handled this crisis, there was and is no illusion that the GOP represents anything but business and the wealthy. Pelosi and the democrats chose a similar politically motivated strategy as that chosen by the GOP which entailed denying the public emergency relief during a PANDEMIC. The only real difference is that the democrats claimed to represent the People… To hear the interview in which Pelosi exposes her plan to deny Trump a “win” while also denying the Public a win (if only small and temporary), look for Nancy’s interview on the SWAY podcast.


Enough about the eminent threat that both parties represent to the majority of Americans. Let’s look at the way in which our Government is boosting Bitcoin. It’s quite simple and perfectly summed up in the meme “Money Printer Go Brrrrrrrr”, which if you haven’t guessed is a reference to how the Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars to keep Wall Street afloat. By buying up zombie companies (companies that spend more than they make) which would have gone out of business in a “Free Market”, the Federal Reserve has increased the supply of fiat money (ie. the US Dollar) circulating throughout the world. This extraneous supply of dollars not only has the affect of diminishing the dollar’s value (through inflation) but causes other countries to lose faith in its value as well. While these two things might sound similar, the latter will have a far greater impact on American’s as the U.S. dollar loses its standing as the World’s Reserve currency. It is the debasement of the dollar that is forcing the wealthy into Bitcoin. Individuals like Raul Paul are getting out of the stock market, because they realize the house of cards that is the Market today. Corporations like Microstrategy are converting billions of dollars into Bitcoin because they understand and realize that it is a much better store of value. Investment firms like Grayscale are buying up more Bitcoin than is being created/mined because they see the demand that will push its price to new all time highs. While far too many leave their money in banks that not only offer subpar interest rates (0.1% or less), Bitcoin not only provides greater value in and of itself but much higher interest rates as are available on exchanges like (4.5%) or Celsius (6.02%) (both in which I hold Bitcoin).


In a time when banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan and Chase, continually get fined for fraud, manipulation and outright theft, it is heartbreaking to see how many Americans continue to keep their money in accounts that pay little more than a mattress. When America faces the worst year it has faced in over a century, to see so many left out in the cold (both literally and figuratively) is not simply troubling but frustrating as some of those facing what’s coming are friends and family: Some who not only rejected my views on our current political leaders, Bitcoin and the world in general but did so in a hostile manner. As the price of Bitcoin hits new all time highs on Christmas, I can only describe the way I feel as “torn”: Elated, Frustrated and Sad. Elated for the promise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Frustrated by the resistance to investing in the hardest currency that represents the best path to wealth equality and security and Sad for all who put their faith in the U.S. Dollar, the U.S. government and the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system. 2020 was a bad year for the world and 2021 will be a better year, but sadly, not for America.


If you would like to read about the Solutions I offered (some of my suggestions, some provided by others who are much smarter than me), click on one of the links below:


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Fabian Augustus
Fabian Augustus

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