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By mattbeth | crypteo | 15 Mar 2021

In this crazy bull market, projects just come out of the woodwork, and many coins pump to the moon. It's like a lake full of fish, wherever you throw the hook you fish something good.

Crazy bull market...can you see altcoins?

It's difficult to maintain the direction when the FOMO assails you, and when you haven't time to follow all the projects you want to.

So what? Which instruments can we use to focus on the things we really interested? Maybe following some experts on youtube or some blog...and carpe diem! right here right now! All In...

Or... split your capital. 70% in long-term projects you really trust (BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, UNI, NFT maybe), and the other 30% play and enjoy with all the tokens you want. Easy, isn't it? the truth is that is not so simple because the crypto-world is super fast and sometimes while you are taking your time to evaluate if it's worthed it to invest in a project, well the same token has pumped up 200%. Gosh! You are totally frustrated because you are "out" from this insane rise. But is it really true? Of course not, in fact, if you wanna be rich with a 10.000% increase, what the hell is a 200% representing? 

IMHO, a good strategy to keep the mind calm for this sudden FOMO is to say to myself: "OK, you are out of this project now, but you have other resources, for example, you are hodling for years with Celsius...and you are gaining without doing nothing!" Thoughts like this are regenerative and the different parts of the "slow and fast brain" become calmer... One of my favorite projects, ever.

I bought Celsius in ICO and I used the app since it was released. Trustworthy with interested payment, every week, on Monday, for years. What else? You can hodl your BTC, ETH, ADA, EOS, stable coins, and many other tokens with different interest rates. So to sum it up, while you decide on your perfect crypto investment you can earn crypto with Celsius...


New users that sign up to Celsius Network are really lucky because they can begin their Celsius-adventure with a 70$ gift. How? First, join Celsius Network using this link at Celsius and signing up and earn $30 in BTC with the first transfer of $200 or more. Proceed only when the code is correctly applied. Then when you have complete the registration, before your deposit you have to apply the promo code NEW40 to get $40 in DAI after transferring $200 or more in crypto to your Celsius wallet and holding for 30 days. It explained here Remember that the minimum of $200 must be transferred in one transaction. Notice that with the same 200$ transaction you have 70$ in 2 different cryptos. This is huge.


Furthermore, you can borrow cash or coins using your crypto with interest starting from 1%...and from the website, the best part? Your crypto stays yours. You get cash in hand at a super low rate without giving up on your investment. fantastic! Enjoy your weekly interest with Celsius



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