Not only Crypto: start with fiat currencies for your crypto journey

By mattbeth | crypteo | 13 Jul 2021

When I have finished fiat money for my crypto investment, and at the same time I want strongly invest again in crypto, I needed to think of something to get more fiat money...

And of course, there are many ways to get some "little money" to increase crypto positions. 

One of these, my favorite at the moment, is called the Black cat card. It's a new credit card with a Free Euro IBAN account and a free Mastercard payment card.

The crazy promo is about 20 euro for new customers, and 20 euro for every referral you'll take. Wonderful isn't it? So with 10 referrals, you can increase your crypto positions... you can have euro thanks to this new method of payment.

Of course, now I need these bonus for crypto, then I will use the card for my common purchases because has very interesting conditions. Zero fees, and cashback up to 2,2%. It's really easy to use and everything you need is in the app.

Cashback up to 2,2%

Now the action you can take to get your first 20 euros is to get the card following this link and use the promo code AAP7HB.

Hurry up, because 15 of July is the last day to get 20 euros, then "only" 10.

Enjoy your bonus



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Satispay 13 and 14 of July 20 EUROS 


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