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The Two Notable Cryptocurrency Companies That Are Founded by Malaysians

By Pizzadren | Cryptaysia | 8 Oct 2020

I'm a bookworm and a nerd, who loves reading anything and everything which includes articles relating to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. When I was reading an article about "The Top 20 FinTech Companies in Malaysia", I came across two of the very notable names in the Crypto space.

1) CoinGecko

That's right, our favourite cute little lizard platform to watch the daily ups and downs of every single cryptocurrency price in the market. This company is founded by TM Lee and Bobby Wong, who were once bitcoin traders in Malaysia and set up a user-friendly platform to track cryptocurrency prices and fundamentals because back then it was frustrating to analyze the fundamentals and tokenomics of these coins. They have made a platform to which the cryptocurrencies were once evaluated by the price and volume only, into the platform which can calculate market caps, create your own portfolio to track your tokens, tells you which exchanges have these tokens and earn beans everyday to redeem useful coupons such as the How-To-Defi pdf book and charity donations. Over 5,907 tokens and 403 cryptocurrency exchanges can be tracked using Coingecko, and they are currently 2nd behind CoinMarketCap. Comparatively, I prefer CoinGecko as it gives an overall simple and better user experience in tracking tokens. If you track the About page, you can see the team behind Coingecko is full of local Malaysians which is what I'm very proud of them for doing a great job with this platform!

2) Etherscan

Another favourite website that we normally used to track Ethereum transactions. Etherscan is founded by Matthew Tan and also powered by a team of "Harimaus". "Harimau" is tiger in Malay which is our national animal and symbolizes courage and strength, as they feature in our national insignias including the coat of arms, Royal Police, Maybank, Proton and our national football team. Etherscan enables you to track the number of blocks being mined, track the transactions between addresses that are being made in the Ethereum network, check transaction fees, hashrates and the total number of transactions already made. You can also check their About page for Etherscan to know more. It's hard to find any press releases or information about the founder and the team other than LinkedIn, but I find etherscan to be part of my daily live in tracking my tokens around the Ethereum network whenever my tokens are being transferred.

Bonus Round: SINEGY & Tokenize

SINEGY is Malaysia's homegrown cryptocurrency exchange which enables you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. SINEGY is one of the three companies that are legally regulated and approved by the Securities Commission of Malaysia along with Tokenize and Luno. However, I don't find both of them to be great crypto exchanges due to the limited tokens that they are offering and the limited features where you can't send and receive BTC and ETH to and from other platforms worldwide. Only Luno is providing most of these services in addition to have Litecoin listed too.

Hopefully, more companies like these will be recognized by the Securities Commission of Malaysia so that more Malaysians can adopt the cryptocurrency space sooner rather than later by getting more Malaysians in the DeFi space to grow their wealth in a secure and trustless way.

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