Reload Your U-Mobile, Maxis, DiGi, etc. Prepaid Using and get 5% Cashback!

By Pizzadren | Cryptaysia | 5 Sep 2020

I've always used postpaid for my phone line until I moved to a new city where my line coverage sucks using Maxis. Therefore, I bought a new U-Mobile prepaid sim card and wanted to reload RM30 into my new phone number so that I can get unlimited high speed data without much disruption in my phone connection (More info here). Instead of simply topping up my amount using the myUMobile app, I thought "Why not I try airtime reload and get some nice cashback in CRO?" So here I am, and here's how I did it.

You can start from the FAQ instructions on how to top up prepaid using Click "Top up your phone", and you'll see this.


On the top left corner, you'll see your (+60) phone number and your service provider on the top right corner. will detect what service provider you use automatically. However, if you're using your new prepaid AND your postpaid phone number at the same time on your phone, be sure to always check your phone number and make sure it's the right number and service provider to avoid topping up your money to the wrong number. According to the FAQ, they won't refund the order if you made this mistake and the transaction is successful. To change your phone number, you can go to "Settings" on the top left corner of the's main menu and changed it. You're only eligible for a 5% cashback if you staked at least 10,000 CRO in earn or in the Exchange, but still even though you didn't, you'll still get a standard 2.5%, so better than nothing!

here are the service providers that you can choose from:

e009eb556ced85e62fc689e08ae38df74752c2f50a2993eae1c29db69d53c767.jpegCool right? Basically every major service providers in Malaysia are up there. Back to the first picture, you select your top up amount.


Only top up using CRO is qualified for the cashback, be sure to use that wallet. You won't get any cashback on other cryptocurrencies. also does not recognize the MYR fiat currency at the moment. Click continue to review.


Confirm your transaction again aaaaand.....


Voila! You have successfully topped up your prepaid and you just got your nice little cashback instantly back into your wallet without any issues!

Tip: If you don't have any CRO in your wallet and you would like to buy some, you can try buying CRO using your credit/debit card as are offering 0% fee promotion until 30th of September for purchase. Take note that Mastercard is not accepted from Malaysia and only Visa card is accepted. If your Visa card got rejected, try using other VIsa cards for the purchase, because it happened to me and it worked.

Do tip yourself and me if you found this helpful! Use my referral link to sign up for if you don't have an account and would like to get cashback for your prepaid top up!

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