How the IceCreamSwap Expansion to ShimmerEVM Benefits Everyone: Users, Liquidity Providers, Developers/projects owners, etc.



We are thrilled to announce that IceCreamSwap, a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX) providing all in one DeFi solution to more than 11 blockchains is now live on ShimmerEVM network (Testnet).

In this article we will be exploring the benefits of this expansion to users, liquidity providers, and the IceCreamSwap community.

  • About ShimmerEMV Network:


Although still in testnet version, ShimmerEVM network is a feeless, parallelized DAG ledger that allows users to secure and create fully customizable smart contract chains. Launched as a staging network to battle-test all future innovations for the IOTA protocol, shimmer’s tokenization framework will guarantee full interoperability, composability and feeless value transfers between smart contract chains, Shimmer is working to become a scalable multi-chain network. The governance token of the shimmer network is $SMR.

IceCreamSwap Dex in line with its expansion goal of becoming “The All In One DeFi Solution” on all blockchain has deployed to the shimmer testnet, here are the benefits from this expansion.

  • Swift Trading Experience:

Our Dex is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for even DeFi beginners to use. It is intuitive, secure, and reliable, with all the features you need to trade seamlessly. We also integrate our latest developed smart Dex Aggregator/router, which can save you money by splitting your input tokens across different routes with enough liquidity. This means you can get the best possible price for your trades, without having to worry about gas fees or slippage.

  • Incentivized Farming For Liquidity Providers:

Liquidity providers are an important part of the IceCreamSwap ecosystem. They are the ones who stake their tokens in order to provide liquidity to the Dex, which allows users to trade seamlessly. In return, liquidity providers earn a fee for every trade that is made on the Dex. The expansion to the Shimmer chain will mean more opportunities for liquidity providers to earn fees. This is because there will be more tokens available to stake on the Shimmer chain, and the increased liquidity will lead to more trades.

  • IceCreamSwap Multi-Chain Bridge:

We offer multichain bridging services that will allow users and projects on the ShimmerEMV network to easily transfer assets between different blockchains that are supported on the Dex.

  • KYC Verification System:

IceCreamSwap has implemented a KYC verification system combat the rise in potential scams on the different chain we support. This system ensures that only legitimate users and projects are listed on the Dex, providing users with a safe trading environment. Upon verification, users and projects will receive a KYC badge next to their name, which proves that they have been KYCed by IceCreamSwap.

  • IceCreamSwap’s MultiChain Gas-Fee Tipping Bot:

The gas tipping bot is a first-of-its-kind feature that eliminates gas fees for users bridging on the Dex. The bot tips users free native tokens to cover the cost of gas, so users on ShimmerEMV network never have to worry about paying a dime.

  • IceCreamSwap Info/Analytics Page:

IceCreamSwap’s Info/Analytics Page will provide Shimmer users with a wealth of information about the Dex, including the different on-chain pools, tokens, their current prices, liquidity, trading volume, transaction history, top gainers, and much more.

  • IceCreamSwap Launchpad Services:

At IceCreamSwap we offer Launchpad Services to help new projects launch on the ShimmerEMV chain. This service will provide developers/project owners with a clean start-up, helping them to raise capital, build a community, and launch their tokens on a trusted platform.

  • Airdrop Bot:

Projects on the ShimmerEMV network can use the IceCreamSwap Bulk Instant Airdrop Bot to distribute tokens to their community members quickly and easily. The bot can calculate and distribute the tokens precisely to multiple wallet addresses, making it a valuable tool for airdropping tokens to a large number of people.

NB: In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the expansion to Shimmer chain will also have a number of other positive impacts on the DeFi ecosystem: It will increase the number of DeFi platforms available to users, secondly, It will make it easier for users to access DeFi products and services, and finally It will help to grow the DeFi market.

Overall, the expansion to the Shimmer chain is a positive development for IceCreamSwap. It will benefit users, liquidity providers, and the IceCreamSwap community in a number of ways. First, it will increase the visibility and adoption of IceCreamSwap. Second, it will help to grow the IceCreamSwap ecosystem. Third, it will also help to provide users on the ShimmerEMV network with DeFi solutions such as swapping, bridging,liquidity farming,etc.

Chain details
Use the following configurations to add ShimmerEMV network to metamask.
Network name: ShimmerEVM Testnet
JSON-RPC Endpoint:
Websocket JSON-RPC Endpoint: wss://
Explorer URL:
Chain ID: 1071
Token name: SMR

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