The stuff of Legends: Meet the talent and the vision behind Cryptagende Verse’s GameFi revolution

By Cryptagende Verse | Cryptagende | 27 Apr 2022


Cryptagende Verse is moving at a breakneck speed to deliver the first triple-A MMO experience in the Metaverse. The reality-inspired speculative science fiction is here to deliver futuristic thrills and wonders of the virtual universe. Building a new operating base for talented artists and creators worldwide, Cryptagende aims to give free reins to creativity and imagination with its open-source toolkit. The vast universe will be filled to the brim with inventiveness and artistry from talented minds across the globe. Developing a massive, industry-shaping project like this has been an absolute gauntlet, made possible by the dedication of a brilliant development and design crew.

Core Team

Marcus Allison (CEO)

Marcus has been at the heart of developing trailblazing, world-renowned video game franchises for more than a decade. He was at the forefront of developing the game-changing open-world system of Far Cry 3 and its sequels. He was working within the core team at the helm of Rainbow Six: Siege as well. Both titles, revolutionary in their own right, equipped Marcus with the essential experience of making premier, highest-quality shooters down to the smallest details. From the level of detail, core game mechanics, balancing, audio design, and character design, to crafting a perfect story, Marcus has been involved in all the crucial stages of successful game design. In his mind, Marcus always envisioned putting his acquired insight to revolutionary use, formulating the idea of a decentralized MMO shooting experience with cutting-edge quality across the board. With Cryptagende, he aims to fulfill his dream!

Karina D. Hamilton (CMO)

Karina is the technical wizard and a commanding presence that drives the vision of the team through her multi-layered experience in banking, marketing, and Blockchain technologies. Her all-around skillset serves as a cornerstone for the swift progression of game development and business-related matters. It’s always important to remember that every visionary project in history had a rock-solid business plan and an expert craft workflow to transform the ambition into reality. Having worked at a global crypto-mining enterprise, Karina’s decorated experience speaks for itself, providing a sure-handed direction to this massive project.

Development Team

Andrew Davis (Chief Development Engineer)

Andrew’s unique experience working on the Cosmos Blockchain ecosystem brings invaluable value to Cryptagende Verse’s Blockchain aspirations. His practical knowledge of building the additional layer protocols on the Blockchain made it possible for Cryptagende to overcome the cumbersome limitations of Ethereum’s first layer. Andrew is at the helm of creating a layer2 protocol exclusively for our online marketplace to ensure perfect trading conditions with minimal gas fees and instant transactions.

Arthur Thomas (Senior Partner)

With an impressive portfolio of decentralized applications like Martinez, Thippy, and RQL, Arthur Thomas is a master of smart contracts, decentralized features, and overall Blockchain functionality. His expertise in this field has made a difference in terms of crafting and realizing the blueprint for our Play-to-Work economic model.

John Clark (Chief Game Engineer)

John is our resident master of all things open-source. He has worked on Wesnoth, GlorySoccer, and Voxel Terrain to name a few of his successful player-driven video game projects. His ability to craft user interfaces perfect for the seamless creation of in-game assets elevates Cryptagende Verse’s creation tools to something truly special. With John, we can deliver an item creation system that is extremely easy to figure out.

The design team (Music and Art)

Cremona Music Studio

Boasting cutting-edge recording technology and a massive talent behind the wheel, Cremona studies is well-known for its top-notch sound design. Cremona provides a full range of services, from the simplest sound effects to blood-pumping soundtracks fusing and synthesizing various music genres. Their reputation speaks for itself and we are honored to have this extremely talented studio in our corner.

Mousai Art Studio

With an impressive portfolio of industry-leading clients like Blizzard, Activision, and Electronic Arts, Mousai Art Studia has been deep within the circles of modern game design. Their style and sense of creativity have become the stuff of legends and we are eager to tap into that well of inventiveness. Since we aim to construct a visually distinct virtual world, Mousai is a no-brainer choice to achieve just that!

Cryptagende Verse Roadmap

About Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry. The triple-A MMO shooter fuses the classic online shooter modes with a new web 3.0 wave of player-created content to deliver the first Triple-A online experience with a fully functioning, Blockchain based trading system. The Cryptagende Verse is being built on the Ethereum Network, with fully supported trading capabilities across all NFT marketplaces.

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Cryptagende Verse
Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry.


Cryptagende is a metaverse NFZ game powered by Unreal Engine 5. Cryptagende Verse invites you to take a journey into the future. With a perfect fusion of old and new, our MMO shooter includes a diverse selection of multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch, 5V5 Competition, Battle Royale, Survival, and Challenge. And, Introducing a new open-world playground with limitless possibilities of player-creation, called the Verse.

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