Cryptagende Verse, the metaverse game,Turning WHITELIST into PoW VIPs!

By Cryptagende Verse | Cryptagende | 24 Apr 2022

In traditional whitelisting events, game developers scratch their heads to raise project awareness and compete desperately for industry spotlight through a series of crafted out steps — by getting their community participants to complete certain actions, and get verified to stand a chance in obtaining their reward. Sounds familiar? Tell me this is not PoW at its core, whitelisting participation is essentially PoW.

Taking the whitelisting PoW verifying process a step further:

Very often, the relationship between new community members and an up and rising projects ends with the announcement of whitelisting winners. Afterwards, game developers move on to their next phase of campaign to hopefully rekindle that connection with their members. However, here at Cryptagende, we aim to establish long lasting member-community bonds starting from day one. When it comes to your contribution, we want everything to have a record because we want to ensure that you’d remembered for your contributions, that you’re here to support us since the very beginning,

For that, we’d decided to call our whitelist the ‘PoW VIPs’, just like the PoW protocol, ‘contribution’ record cannot be altered or compromised retrospectively, the integrity of the ‘data content’ in each block of the chain is guaranteed, and the ‘blocks’, once committed into the blockchain, cannot tampered by any means. In other words, your contributions will always leave a mark and be an indicator in helping us achieve success on all of Cryptagende’s future milestones, this is a community effort.

Our team is devoted to bringing the concept of PoW to practice where all community members will be forever remembered and consistently gets rewarded based on their actual participation and contribution to the growth and development of our project. It is within our plans to establish an independent committee to review PoW channels and verify submitted works when it comes to fortesting a mature PoW system.

PoW VIPs Privilege:

  • Early access to mint the NFT– Cryptagende verse Members I
  • PoW VIPs will be classified as our early supporters, participants, partners and investors will be awarded according to their efforts made for Cryptagende community building and development.

PoW VIP Event details:

  1. NFT: Cryptagende verse Members I
  2. Total number of NFTs: 10,001
  3. Cryptagende verse Members I holders represents our early supporters
  4. Cryptagende verse Members I holders will automatically become the Cryptagende DAO community members, entitled to exclusive voting rights for the Cryptagende Game future development.
  5. Cryptagende verse Members I holders will receive corresponding rewards upon the completion of each Cryptegende’s milestones

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on Twitter:
  2. Enter the CRYAers channel on Discord:
  3. Join us in Telegram:
  4. Get your spot in 3 ways
  • Level up to 30 in our official Discord channel! (Admin will check it when verifying your mint qualification)
  • Lucky draws from our AMA (Bring your brilliant questions to us)
  • Lucky draw events in our discord group (Tune in to our discord’s #announcements channel!)

Tune in to Our Socials!

We will be providing updates and announce our winners through our social channels In the coming days/weeks. Be sure to connect with us via our social channels to not miss any chance of getting your PoW VIP spots! ‘Bonne Chance’ to all participants! As always, we are incredibly thankful for your support!

About Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry. The triple-A MMO shooter fuses the classic online shooter modes with a new web 3.0 wave of player-created content to deliver the first Triple-A online experience with a fully functioning, Blockchain based trading system. The Cryptagende Verse is being built on the Ethereum Network, with fully supported trading capabilities across all NFT marketplaces.

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Cryptagende Verse
Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry.


Cryptagende is a metaverse NFZ game powered by Unreal Engine 5. Cryptagende Verse invites you to take a journey into the future. With a perfect fusion of old and new, our MMO shooter includes a diverse selection of multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch, 5V5 Competition, Battle Royale, Survival, and Challenge. And, Introducing a new open-world playground with limitless possibilities of player-creation, called the Verse.

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