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By fmonkeyrock | CRYPT0 TALK | 15 Apr 2022

Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town, the new kid on the block. This month of April is halfway ending, and May is just around the corner. Our predictions are not for the reader to take as financial advice or to persuade you to buy. Our predictions are just for fun and entertainment.


The top 10 cryptos


 Today the top dog of the group stands at $40,321.75 USD. Bitcoin Prediction $50,500.49 USD.


The darling of smart contracts and king of the NFT world is at $3,022.36 USD. We believe the price in May for Ethereum will reach $4,200.24 USD.


BNB is the ugly crypto no one cares or love but seems to hang out with the big boys. BNB is $416.72 USD today, but we predict a price of $420.30 USD for the month of May.


XRP is the one coin that we just don’t know. Locked up in court battles with the SEC gives us reason it wont move much, but if a settlement takes place in the moth of May, we can see this coin skyrocket to the moon. The price will remain the same at $0.77 to $0.90 USD.


The elegant coin that’s been backed up by institutions and celebrities in the NFT world. Prices is at $101 USD and our prediction puts it at $120 USD for the month of May.


Cardano is the Peoples coin and haters love to hate on it. The wait is over for Cardano and We believe it will be The month for Cardano, where it will finally be, a reflection of its technology. The price Today is $0.95.51 USD, and we give it a price of $2 USD for May.


Terra Luna is an upcoming crypto blockchain that it’s promising more than its beautiful name. The price is $80.84 USD, and we give it a final price of $100 USD for the month of May.


The fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry is Avalanche at a price of $77.18 USD and the price we give it for the month of May is $80.80USD.


The Dogecoin is the social media king of the Meme Coin and backed up by the riche’s person in the world, celebrities such as Elon Musk. The price today is at $014 USD, and we are so optimistic about this coin for the month of May, that we are giving it a $0.50 USD target.



Polkadot better known as the Lady coin, because Woman seem to invest more on Polkadot than other Crypto projects. The price is $18.29 USD, and We are giving it a price of $20 USD for May.



The top 10 positions keep changing and every month a new prediction for the coins in the top ten spot. The crypto and blockchain world is early and if you are already in it, you are already a winner.




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