Don’t Trade on Uphold

By fmonkeyrock | CRYPT0 TALK | 14 May 2022

Uphold Customer service is terrible or nonexistent. I have contacted them many times with promises to be contacted back within 24 hours, they never get back. I find them unethical and cheating the crypto buyers  in their platform.

I just converted my Shiba Inu to Terra Luna. The issue they have fail to fix , or contact me to investigate is just a few of my problems with them . The conversion was to be at the time of exchange 0.004 but instead Uphold charged me 0.04. In no time those number were closed in any exchange. Second issue, that other exchanges don’t charge you for conversions from the same network . Another problem with them is that they make it impossible for you to send your Crypto to another exchange. I tried and instead they made a new account or card for me and charge me for it, my coins was never sent to another exchange , just the same network within a different card. 

Uphold is just a headache to deal with. I do not recommend this exchange to my worst enemy, please stay far away. As a Canadian you can buy crypto, but you cannot receive the money to your bank account . I find it to be disturbing , what if I need to sell for emergency reasons, what then? the desk top or web version doesn’t link well with the phone app and non consistency. It looks cheap and im really disappointed with their actions.

We all had problems before, but with Coinbase and Crypto.com they always responded  , regardless how shit their reasons are.  I’m glad that my $300 purchase of crypto didn’t go in, I would have been locked up to their system .  Don’t use Companies that don’t put their customers first .


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