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I nearly have been SCAMMED on Elrond Network !!

By Nik3l | #Crypt0# | 20 Sep 2021


I've been contacted by PM on TWITTER (which should already be a sign...) !

This is what i received : 

Twitter PM

The account was real, the logo was real and when you read it on your phone like i did, it was not so clear !

🚀🚀 ELROND TEAM 🚀🚀 🎁 CONGRATULATIONS 🎁 You are one of the loyal users of Elrond Wallet who is lucky to get a bonus of 25 Elrond . Take your bonus immediately. ► * Log in to your Elrond Wallet, a bonus will be available * Terms and Conditions : * Only for accounts Elrond Wallet ( Active ). * If it does not meet the requirements, the bonus cannot be found. This is an exciting year. Thank you for your support! ©2021 Waves Exchange


So i decided to have a look on my computer. I followed the link and here is the site :

Defi Maiar

The first thing i checked was the address : (DON'T USE THIS ADDRESS) which is not the real address as i'm already using the real one : !!!

The next step is the one that should STOP you immediately :



This site was asking me to give my wallet private key ! This key is given at the creation of your wallet, and should not be used at his moment and my wallet was fully fonctionnal by the way ! They were just going to hack my wallet if the information was given !!!

So be careful !

I hope this post will help some people !





















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