Crowdholding Month of January Update: Growth stats and News
Crowdholding Month of January Update: Growth stats and News

By pheonixdown-dee | Crowdholding | 14 Feb 2020

Hello everyone,  

I am the content writer for Crowdholding and I will be sharing the monthly update where you'll be able to see some stats and news from the month of January that are connected with Crowdholding.

So let's begin: 


Growth Stats: 

Our Alexa Ranking rose from 87,134 on January 1st to now at 85,294. A sixth month in a row with growth. The month of January was a slower month of growth than the previous months. This is most likely due to hitting a plateau from having a 0 marketing budget. In addition, being below 100K has us compete with web owners most likely spending on ads or other means to gain traffic. Thus, making it more difficult to gain in the rankings. 



We had a total of 588 signups in the month of January which was 3 more signups than in December.

CrowdClick Project Developing Closer with CH: 

As you may know, Ethan and a new team are working on a side project that is being used to launch on CH. Since the crypto bubble pop of 2018, it has become difficult to get publishers to pay to use CH. We feel by incorporating CC as a client that will pay monthly YUPs to reward per task, we can jumpstart the YUP. CC is currently working towards a seed round and plans to budget for CH as it’s launch pad. By doing this, we can showcase CH’s value, which we believe could bring in new clients.  


Joint Partnering the Telegram Group:

One plan in discussion is to unite CH/CC as one forum Telegram group. This creates greater outreach because of two products. Thus, the ability to get more attention. The partnership plans to unite both projects as complimentary products. Meaning, we can recommend publishers in one product to use the other product, including users. By optimising and creating a two in one product telegram group, we see it supporting growth.


Could CH dive more into Media? 

Pay to publish. That’s how media companies make revenue. Our system is built to reward the people who read the content and comment from a pay to publish model. Therefore, looking at it this way could have us position ourselves more as a media application that rewards the readers and commenters.    


However, we need to increase traffic rankings in order to reach a point people pay for our use. So there is still work ahead. But by increasing our usage and attracting more paid clients, moving into this direction could be interesting. Publishers get feedback from their opinion or business they are trying to promote. And what better way to reward the users who read and comment. The model is there, the question is should we brand ourselves more as media in the blockchain industry?


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I am a social media manager living in Prague. I am an avid crypto enthusiast.


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