Hackers steal 7,000 BTC in an attack on Binance

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 8 May 2019


Binance reports that he suffered a security breach in his system due to a variety of computer attacks, today. It reports that the hackers managed to withdraw from the exchange house 7,000 BTC that were in Binance's hot purse (connected to the network).

In its report, Binance details that the hackers accessed a large number of API keys, two security factor codes (2FA) and possibly other data. The attackers used multiple attack methods including phishing, viruses and others that remain to be confirmed. He mentions that several accounts may be affected, which have not yet been identified.

The hackers managed to withdraw from Binance the 7,000 BTC in a single transaction, which activated all the alarms of its security system. They then proceeded to stop all withdrawals. These bitcoin are quoted at approximately 40 million dollars, at the time of writing. The cryptobolse stood out that only 2% of all its BTC funds, which were in a wallet connected to the network, were affected.

In view of what happened, the Binance team affirms that they will carry out a security audit of their entire system and their data, which could last at least a week. During that time, all deposits and withdrawals will be suspended.

The exchange between cryptocurrencies will continue to be active, however they mention that the attacker could manipulate the prices of some exchange pairs, because they have control over several accounts. Binance says it will respond to its customers for the stolen BTCs, with its backup fund.

At 3:06 p.m., Venezuela time, Binance's CEO reported on Twitter that they were going to perform an unscheduled maintenance service. He reported on the suspension of deposits and withdrawals, which he said would last a few hours. It is probable that by that time they already knew about the attack on their system.


This is the first major and notorious hacking of a house of change so far in 2019. Different attacks have been reported to users of cryptocurrencies, but not a direct attack to a house of change like Binance.

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