CoinMarketCap removes the BTC / USD Bitfinex pair from its index

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 6 May 2019


The portal CoinMarketCap, which presents the price of a large number of cryptoactives on its website, decided to exclude the BTC / USD Bitfinex rate from its count. This website takes the price of the assets in different markets and averages their values ​​to calculate their data.

This decision may be due to the fact that the price of bitcoin in the Asian exchange house has presented, during the last days, a higher price than the rest of the market. CoinMarketCap has not offered information in its social networks about this action.

The user Egon_1 published in r / btc, a subreddit used by the Bitcoin Cash community, a screenshot showing that the bitcoin price in dollars in Bitfinex was marked with an asterisk. Next to this image, another capture shows that this sign indicates that the rate is not accounted for. The BTC / USD rate in this catch presents a higher price than the rest of the markets for a margin of USD 300.

When reviewing the different markets for bitcoin in this portal, we can see that of the two pairs taken into account, only the dollar rate is excluded, since it is the only pair where this irregularity is shown.


In the Reddit discussion, the tcrypt user, who is moderator of the OpenBazaar forum, indicated that this platform uses CoinMarketCap for its prices; Therefore, the Bitfinex rate will not be taken into account in this trading application either.

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