Evolution of Bitcoin and Litecoin
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Evolution of Bitcoin and Litecoin

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 9 Oct 2020

Hello guys I hope you are well.


With the development of new technologies, many opportunities were created.

Those who have never heard speak that old phrase. Large businesses are created in the midst of major crises.

Bitcoin surges

Well then, around 2007 and 2008 Bitcoin was created. But it was in the middle of the world economic crisis of 2010 that it took off.

At this time the exchange rate between the dollar and the btc was unbelievable as follows:

Approximately 1US $ = 1309 BTC

After a few years of updates, btc still presented some kind of failure.

Litecoin Surges

In 2011 Litecoin appeared, which promised to make up for all the flaws presented by BTC.

To date, Litecoin is among the top 10 Cryptocurrencies, among the more than 5000 existing cryptos and tokens.


With the current technologies available and accessible it is common for almost everyone to use smartphones to make financial transactions whether they are in CEFI or DEFI.

How Earn

All of them are possible through this device that has changed the way of global communication.

How about using it to earn Litecoin from now on. 😉🤑👇



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