BNB x AirBNB where to invest?

BNB x AirBNB where to invest?

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 14 Sep 2020


While BNB, cryptocurrency of Binance, appreciated more than 100% in the period from September 2019 to September 2020. Airbnb had serious financial problems. Airbnb is a famous app for renting houses, apartments and the like.

When I saw this name Airbnb The first thing I thought was: Do you have to do with Binance? Oh yes I was surprised again. Airbnb is a famous app for renting houses, apartments and the like.

During the crisis of the many business pandemic were lost, many companies failed others to decreased others reinvented. I read a story from a company that took 12 years to become a billionaire and that in a few weeks lost almost everything. That's all because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This would be the year that Airbnb would open a public offering of shares to investors, but the pandemic did not allow it.

Such company acts in the tourism sector and because of the crisis was forced to dismiss 1900 employees finally reduce all its operation because of the crisis to be able to stay alive in the market.

Very good people if you read this is thought just as I who invest in crypto, I could be an unemployed today as well as so many.

But it sees a possibility of keeping financially investing in crypts. You, as I have much hope in this market and we are always attentive to the news and news by the world. Then lets go invest at Binance or any other and feed our dreams.


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