What is Bitcoin Halving and How can affect the price?

What is Bitcoin Halving and How can affect the price?

By Alessandro Sciacchitano | Criptoita | 11 Mar 2020

What is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin Halving is nothing more than a halving of the prize that is obtained after mining BTC, today at every resolution of a block during the mining can earn a total of 12.5 BTC, this premium, before the previous Halving 2016 BTC was 25, then twice, which means that every Halving the premium is halved.

Now the next Halving is scheduled for May 2020, bringing the prize at 6.25 BTC for block, technically a halving occurs each time they are mined 210,000 blocks or that the same are confirmed by the system.

Bitcoin Halving How can affect the price?

The influence of the price is due to a simple concept question - offer, which occurs whenever a halving the amount obtainable in time of Bitcoin obviously is reduced, with the consequent economic effects classics.

About a year after the first Halving happened in November 2012 BTC is literally jumped from about $ 80 to $ 1,000, the exact same thing happened during the second half in 2016, bringing bitcoin, again a year later, to touch $ 20000.

So in theory it seems that historically about 12 months after the occurrence of a Halving, Bitcoin suffers a sharp price swing upward.

Clearly that everything remains mere theory and use a word like historically in such a young market may even be inappropriate, but I think we know what can happen to the occurrence of certain events is much better than being in the dark

After halving in 2020, there will be other halving, always with a rate of 210 thousand blocks , until it will be permanently removed the last fraction of BTC.

Currently it is estimated that the last bitcoin will be drawn in the year 2140 .

You can see the countdown to the following site: www.bitcoinblockhalf.com


Originally published at my own website in italian language https://www.criptoita.it on JUNE 20, 2019.


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