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Top 5 cryptocurrencies you should adopt now

Hello crypto friends want to know what cryptocurrencies which I did a previous analysis for months?

I will do it and keep your coins until December 2021, do not forget

Don't tell anyone that I told you these secrets

The first coin is IOTA it is a coin that impressed me in 2017 when I learned that it had reached a price of $ 5.25 USD

and I did not sell thinking that it lacked more, this coin I fished it at a price of $ 0.20 USD and I think this coin will

arrive to cost a price of $ 32 USD this end of the year IOTA is a project that contains an interesting protocol since it

allows the exchange of information and value in the internet of things

The second currency is BCH, it is a forked currency based on the BTC protocol, what makes this currency attractive is 

that its low transaction fees, when bitcoin reaches high fees, this currency becomes attractive for low capital transfers. Today it is at a sale price and can cost at least $ 45,000 USD by the end of 2021. Right now it is at $ 410 USD
And it's not even close to its all-time high of $ 3,785, it's a star that will soon grow and be visible again.

The third currency is LTC the currency that competes with BCH, a currency that has a low supply and that can cost at 

least $ 3,540 USD by the end of the year. Currency just like bitcoin only with low transaction fees it is worth having some hidden in your portfolio.

The fourth coin is NEO a coin that surprised us.

They called it the Chinese ETH, which also has projects developed from its protocol.

It reached a value of 0.05 USD and its historical maximum was $ 198 USD, do not miss it because it can be worth 

a maximum of $ 2150 USD

The fifth coin is LSK, another great project that is still sleeping in its cradle with a value of $ 1.32 USD

that has had a minimum of $ 0.10 USD and a historical maximum of $ 34 USD. Do not lose this chance. And there are more projects that are still growing, I will continue to share the best tops greetings

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